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Found myself liking...then not liking....and then liking this movie.

Matt Damon raised by nuns as an orphan has a undying goal to be able to visit the orbiting Elysium...a manmade life support system for the world's richest 1%.

Technology has advanced to the point that all human sickness can be immediately detected and your body can be re-atomized to cure all sickness.     For the "citizen".    Not for those living in squalor on the planet.

Did I tell you that he seems to be the only white person there?  The rest are obviously poor Central Americans and Mexicans...although the entire globe is severely occupied.

This movie is totally predictable for the average movie goer.

Jodie Foster dons a Vidal Sassoon haircut and is the personification of evil.   But truthfully, any...and I mean ANY actress could have played the part.

Special effects were very good...but the fighting scenes were not the quality you'd see in a Jason Stratham flick.  The camera purposely jiggles etc.,   It was annoying.

On a scale of 1-5 popcorns.....I'll give it a strong 2.
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