Author Topic: Sliders target women at gas stations and day cares [another modern crime warning]  (Read 406 times)

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This is from out of Houston but is applicable everywhere. You ladies may already be aware of this but just in case.

Houston police are working to crackdown on a dedicated group of criminals targeting women who are distracted at gas stations and day cares.

Police said these crooks have sneaked into cars all over Houston and have even earned the nick-name, "sliders."

Houston police officer Jim Woods explained this group of criminals primarily stakes out gas stations and watches for women who leave their purses on the passenger side of the car and the doors unlocked while they pump gas. Woods said the crooks will park at a gas pump across from their victim and pretend to be another customer.

According to Woods, while a woman is distracted at the pump a person from the other car will get out, crouch down and 'slide' over to open the woman's door, grab the purse and take off. Many of these crimes happen without a victim ever realizing they've been burglarized until after the crooks are gone.

"They say it's sliding because they're sliding below the eye level of the door," said Woods
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I heard that mentioned on the radio the other day, kind of goes in the "what will they think of next" category.

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