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The “Full Report of Sanity Board, US v. MAJ Nidal M. Hasan,” said, “The defendant stated that he began his ‘journey to Islam’ after his mother passed away in 2001 although he denied linking an increased interest in Islam to his mother’s death. His family members reported that her death was the impetus for his embracing Islam.”

On the partial page 25 from the report that Fox News reviewed, the Army officer’s interest in Islam grew: “He stated that he talked to ‘laymen’ about Islam, learned about ‘heaven and hell’ in Islam,” and read about U.S. policies towards Islam and Muslim countries.”

The report continues, “He was able to complete the minimum requirements in medical school and attain his degree, but he stated ‘I stopped caring about being a top student.’ He stated that he became conflicted during general psychiatry residency about his religious identify and his secular identity.”

Near the end of his residency, where he ranked in the bottom 25% of his class, Hasan said his military service was in direct conflict with his religious beliefs.

On page 25 of the official report, he is quoted as saying “I am on the wrong side…I am Muslim first…I have to help my Muslim brothers overseas…the wars (in Iraq and Afghanistan) are wars against Islam.”

Hasan, born in the United States, enlisted in the Army after graduating from high school at age 18 and has spent more than two decades in the military.

The statements laid out in  this two page excerpt from the Sanity Board are similar to handwritten or typed pages already released to Fox News by Major Hasan and published August 1.

The handwritten page dated October 18, 2012 was signed by Hasan as “SoA”--an acronym for “Soldier of Allah.” This would appear to be the most recent statement reflecting Hasan’s state of mind.

Some 1,370 days after the shootings, Hasan’s military trial is scheduled to begin Tuesday in Fort Hood, Texas.

Staff Sgt Shawn Manning, who was shot six times by Hasan at Fort Hood, is expected to testify. He told Fox News that “I hope that if people hear the words from Hasan’s own mouth that they will understand that this was an act of terrorism.”

The public affairs office at Fort Hood has made no comment on the documents released to Fox News.

Read more:

Excerpts from Sanity Board evaluation on accused Fort Hood shooter Hasan

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