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Loretta Lynn’s Eldest Daughter Passes Away
« on: July 29, 2013, 09:58:50 PM »

Loretta Lynn’s Eldest Daughter Passes Away

Country Music Nation passes along condolences to Loretta Lynn and her family.  The eldest daughter of the Country legend passed away Monday morning.

Betty Sue Lynn died from complications of emphysema at her home in Waverly. She was 64.

She is survived by two daughters, Lynn Markworth and Audrey Dyer, and five grandchildren.  A publicist said “Loretta and her family thank friends and fans for their thoughts and prayers during this time of great loss.”

Loretta Lynn, known as the “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” turned 81 in April. She married her late husband at age 15, and they had six children. In 1984, she previously lost her eldest son, Jack Benny, at age 34.

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Re: Loretta Lynn’s Eldest Daughter Passes Away
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Perhaps the saddest experience in life is to outlive your offspring.
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Re: Loretta Lynn’s Eldest Daughter Passes Away
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How can Trump save the country when he can't even bring the party together?

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Re: Loretta Lynn’s Eldest Daughter Passes Away
« Reply #3 on: July 30, 2013, 07:12:11 AM »
Yet all this time, the tabloids have been harping about how bad of shape Loretta has been in the past decade or so. Yet she's still alive, still out there, and still touring. She's a tough cookie. (Although I do find it odd an Appalachian blue-collar country singer would name their son after a New York City Jewish comic.)

I empathize for her loss.
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