Author Topic: Defense Department Defends Separate Training Standards for Women  (Read 246 times)

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President Obama’s Defense Department announced this week that it is still working toward its goal of becoming a “gender neutral” organization.

In 1994, the United States military issued a rule to exclude women from direct ground combat and combat occupations; however, earlier this year the department announced that the President had directed all military branches to become gender blind by January 1, 2016.

“Our goal is to integrate women leaders and soldiers into recently opened positions and units as expeditiously as possible,” said Army Lt. Gen. Howard B. Bromberg, deputy chief of staff for personnel.

Critics, however, point out that though the department aims to become “gender-neutral,”  the demands based upon men are far more intense than for females, who hope to achieve the same job.

In a written release, the Department of Defense countered by saying, “Though training for those standards may be different for men and women…  in recognition of the need to train men and women


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