Author Topic: Limbaugh Slams Obama’s Economic Speech: ‘There’s Something Pathologically Wrong Here’  (Read 399 times)

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RUSH:  Oh, jeez.  Folks, I can’t react to this without… there’s something pathologically wrong here.  In the first place, “Washington has taken its eye off the ball, and I’m here to say this needs to stop.”  Now, I mentioned, I told you I heard that bite, I heard him say it live.  He is Washington!  This is the Limbaugh Theorem.  He’s articulating it himself.  It’s coming out of his own mouth.  He’s out there in Illinois claiming Washington hasn’t been paying enough attention to the economy.  They’ve been looking at the IRS. They’ve been looking at Benghazi. They have been looking into Obamacare, and they haven’t been working on the economy, and (imitation) “I’m here in Illinois to make sure that they refocus in Washington,” as though he has had nothing to do with it.

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Chris Stirewalt gave the best analogy I've heard of Obama on Fox today... it was in regards to something Joe Manchin said about his speech yesterday. Stirewalt said Manchin is a Democrat who was a governor in a red state... he had to learn to get along with GOP to get anything done, said Clinton learned much the same in Arkansas and it prepared him to deal with congress as President as did California prepare Reagan... he said Obama coming out of Chicago doesn't know any of those lessons and as a result all he knows is to go outside of DC and scold and cajole.
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I cannot take any more of Obama's incessant lecturing. I am an adult, and am fairly highly educated. To have this Black street thug constantly telling me what America is, and what America is all about, is becoming annoying.

Show me your credentials, “Mr. President sir”. Show me a single diploma. Show me an Honorable Discharge. You claim to have graduated from almost every Ivy League college in America, surely you must have one diploma lying around somewhere. 'Attending' a school is not the same as graduating from a school. The only school that this guy ever went to that is indisputably verifiable by anyone, is a ratty Madrassa in Indonesia while he was living on dog meat and crickets..

Obama is a fraud and I resent being forced by the Left to listen to him and his bullshit. The way we do elections in America has been subverted. That is only way this unknown fool got elected again. Something is wrong.
Maybe I am too proud of my country and myself, but I cannot take this clown anymore.
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