Author Topic: Award-winning food truck called 'Wandering Dago' banned from race track over its 'offensive' name - but the Italian American say it is a 'tribute to their heritage'  (Read 524 times)

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New York Racing Association officials say they've banned a food truck - which the organization previously lauded as 'one of the country’s top barbecue fusion trucks' - from Saratoga Race Course after customers complained that the name of the business was offensive.

The co-owners of the Schenectady-based Wandering Dago tell local media that they were informed Friday night by NYRA officials that they had to remove their truck from the track Saturday morning, a day after it opened for its 40-day season.

NYRA officials say they received complaints about the use of a word that's considered derogatory to Italian-Americans.

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Our family had friends who were as Italian as could be. Dominic, the father, used to make wine which he called "Dago red." He didn't consider it derogatory, either.
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If the food's good, who cares. They didn't call the truck "Swamp Guinea", or if Sicilian cuisine, "Greeks with Guns". And I'm half Italian.  :smokin:
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We buy a dog food from the local co-op.  The name is Grimaldi's Dog Food.  It shows a bulldog with boxing gloves  hitting something.


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So, who are these "complaining customers"?  Rush used to talk about the food police as a couple of people in a little office with a fax machine that sent out complaints and ended up getting a lot of foods banned or put on the hit lists - like coconut oil in theatre popcorn.  Now, coconut oil is praised as a healthy fat!

I bet anything there were only one or two complaints, at best, and that these came from "professional" complainers - like the people that complain about nativity scenes and prayers at high school football games.  People that go around peeing in the punch bowl. 
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If the owners of the vehicle are Italian shouldn't it be their decision as to what is offensive?
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