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An FYI. The Federalist Papers are essential reading to understand the Constitution. Would that Constitutional "authority" Barack Obama had read them ('cause I don't think he did and I sincerely doubt he's the "expert" claimed, kinda like his touted expertise in basketball. Uh huh). In any case here is your chance to get a free copy of its essential principles, thanks to these fine folks.

Get a FREE copy of “The Essential Federalist Papers”

Thomas Jefferson called the Federalist Papers the best commentary ever written about the principles of government and even though more than 200 years have passed it’s still the best.

The challenge is the 85 Federalist essays are written in an old style of English  and most Americans will never take the time to go through these magnificent documents and it’s a shame.

To make these important documents easy to access we went through all 85 essays and pulled out the most important passages and organized them by topic.

Btw, you don't have to provide any personal information beyond an email address and your first name. They then send you a link where you can download the material.
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