Author Topic: Callers Weigh in on the Trayvon Martin Trial  (Read 379 times)

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Callers Weigh in on the Trayvon Martin Trial
« on: July 11, 2013, 06:55:52 PM »

Callers Weigh in on the Trayvon Martin Trial
July 11, 2013


RUSH: Here's Mark in Newport, Oregon.  Hey, I'm glad you called.  I'm glad you waited, too.  Great to have you on the program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Semper fi, Rush, from I guess I would be a proud American, affectionately called -- nonracist, of course -- "a creepy ass cracker."

RUSH: (chuckles)

CALLER: You know, Rush, I'm not gonna have salt on my margaritas now 'cause they'll be healthier.

RUSH:  There you go!  There you go.  Add salt to your margarita.  It's just fine.  Have you ever wondered, why do farmers have to put salt licks out in the field?  It's necessary.  Try living without salt.  You can't.

CALLER:  Can you imagine taking the boats across the seas without salt for preservation of food?  Come on, now. Give me a break.

RUSH:  That's exactly right.

CALLER:  You know, Rush, the reason I'm calling is I could be George Zimmerman.  I've listened from the opening expletives from the prosecution -- or I call them the persecution -- until listening to the witness instructions argument this morning.  To give you a golf analogy I thought about, could you imagine playing a tournament or a round of golf; at the end, you had a crappy day and you got your butt kicked.  So what do you do? You call the PGA or whatever -- the, quote, "judges" -- and you say, "Hey, judge, I need more mulligans. You know, I got my butt kicked."  Rush, I was a cop. I was a Marine. I spent 30 years of my life in public safety, whether it be administrative or criminal.  And, I'll tell you something: I could be George Zimmerman. I could be just be your average Joe.  I carry a pistol, too.

RUSH:  You know, a lot of people, a lot of people feel like they could be the guy today, Mark. Thanks for the call.


Here is Michael in Marrero, Louisiana.  Great to have you on the program, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  How you doing there, Rush?

RUSH:  I'm good.  Thank you.

CALLER:  It's Marrero.  Everybody mess that up.  But I'm a big fan of yours.

RUSH:  Would you re-pronounce that for me?  'Cause I can't tell the way it's spelled here.  How do you pronounce this?

CALLER:  Marrero.

RUSH:  Marrero, Louisiana.  And where's it near?

CALLER:  We on the west bank, the opposite side of New Orleans, like New Orleans, the main city; we on the west bank side.

RUSH:  Okay.  Okay.  All right.

CALLER:  Yeah, we on the other side.

RUSH:  Okay, cool, but you're near New Orleans?

CALLER:  Yeah, I'm in New Orleans, Louisiana.

RUSH:  Okay, cool.

CALLER:  But my city is Marrero.  Where Kordell Stewart went to (unintelligible), you know, football?  That area.

RUSH:  All right.  Cool.  Kordell Stewart, Pittsburgh Steelers.


RUSH:  Chicago Bears.

CALLER:  Pittsburgh Steelers.  Yep.  Pittsburgh Steelers.  Went to Chicago and wound up, I think he finished career at Baltimore, something like that.  But here's my thing.  I don't want to take too much of your time 'cause I know you got a lot to do.  There's two points I want to touch on.  You had touched on Trayvon Martin.  I think out of the 20 years I've been listening to you this the first time I actually was disappointed in the way you reported something.  Because you always use fact, fact, fact.

Now, I'm a Democrat, proud Democrat, won't change.  I'm African-American.  But I was very surprised when you touched on the court proceedings, what we going through right now, and when you touched on the fact that this is a political type thing, this is a race thing that's being pushed, that's why this case is being, uh, actually came to trial.  One of the things I was surprised that you didn't touch on, one, Zimmerman's dad was a judge, and I think that was one of the reasons he got so much favorable treatment in the beginning.  And, two, end of a closing -- at the end of the case just before they go to closing arguments, the prosecutor always, always try to come with, you know, lesser charges, that's a common thing.  So I was kind of disappointed when you --

RUSH:  Now, wait --

CALLER:  -- try to make it seem like --

RUSH:  Just a moment Michael.  Now, I did not know until today that Zimmerman's dad was a judge.

CALLER:  Okay.

RUSH:  I did not know that and when I saw your call up I had Snerdley check it, and that's what he was Googling, and he found it.  But prosecution, the prosecution does not always ask for lesser charges.  It does not always happen and when it does, it's because they're worried they haven't made their case.

CALLER:  And I'm gonna agree with you on that.  But it's a common thing.  We both can agree on that, right?  It's a common thing.  Me personally, I never thought they had enough for second-degree murder and I said, you know, let the facts come out. We gonna see. As the trial was going, I'm like, Jesus Christ, they done, they gotta come up with a Plan B.  Point-blank.  And that's the kind of facts I'm used to you bringing.  When you bring to the table, you bring everything, both sides. You don't get caught up in the media hype stuff.  I kind of feel like you got caught up in the media bull this time.

 RUSH:  There hasn't been any media BS.

CALLER:  I'm talking about the race thing.

RUSH:  All I was doing, I was watching for the first time actually, today.  I haven't been watching this trial.  I watched it for the first time today.  To be honest with you, Michael, it hasn't held that much interest for me, other than why it's happening and the racial energy that is propelling it, but I hadn't gotten into the detailed minutia because I know why the trial's taking place, and I know what brought it on.  But when I saw today -- and I just happened to be -- I don't even know how I happened to have the audio on today, but you know what it was?  I saw the defense lawyer.  I didn't hear, I saw him go through all kinds of -- I said, "This guy's really ticked off at something." I turned the sound on and that's when I found out that the prosecution now wants child abuse as a charge.  And that's all I'm reacting to today.

CALLER:  Oh, okay.  Well, I'm like, wait a minute, that's not like you, to get caught up in this kind of crap, you know. I get a lot of flak for listening to you, "Ah, he's racist, he's a conservative." I said, "You know, he is the truth. He don't give a damn you black or white, he state facts."  I don't agree with all your facts sometimes, but you state clear, precise facts, and then you always end by saying --

RUSH:  How can you stay a Democrat all these years if you've been listening to me recite facts?

CALLER:  Say it again?

RUSH:  Ahhh, there you go.  There you go.  That's an honest answer.  In the blood.

CALLER:  It's in the blood.  Now, there have been times I haven't voted for my party.  I have not voted for my party sometimes, simply because of the facts that you give -- and with the actual truth.  I mean, sometimes I do get caught up, "Well, I'm just gonna vote Democrat because it's what I do."

RUSH:  What did I do today, aside from not knowing that Zimmerman's dad was a judge, what did I do today that was such a grand deviation from my normal procedure of being focused on facts?

CALLER:  When you started talking about, you know, a lot of this is race motivated, you know, the prosecutor is trying to find a way to win the case by any means because of racial pressure and all that. I have never --

RUSH:  Wait.  Do you disagree that the fix is in on a conviction of something here because the president and the attorney general demand -- this is a small town down there, Michael.  These are not your big city lawyers and judges.  These are small town people and they've had the fire and brimstone of the federal government singeing their community. They just want this over with and if it takes Zimmerman being convicted to get this pressure off, that's what's gonna happen.

CALLER:  Well, I kind of agree and I disagree, and the reason I agree with you, because no matter when the prosecutors bringing charges is because they want to win.  And the fix is in for them to win.  Their desire to win sometime clouds their true judgment and facts and truth.

RUSH:  Well, but in this case --

CALLER:  So from that perspective I agree.

RUSH:  In this case, though, in this case, Michael, we learned that the arrest was made not because anybody thought he was guilty; the arrest was made because pressure was brought. The police chief said that it was just charge the guy, just arrest him, even if you rescind it later, just arrest him.  The pressure on us is too great.  I don't know that these prosecutors set out to win.

CALLER:  Well, let me respond thus far.  Now, with the chief of police, now, because Zimmerman's dad was a judge, I think he had some kind of -- this is an assumption, it's not a fact -- he had enough connections where he was given that special treatment to where he wasn't charged immediately.  Now, you know and I know if you just up and fire a chief of police for no cause, nothing at all, he's not gonna go quietly in the night, so I think there was more to him being fired just because he didn't bring charges against him.
And also in the police report his initial officer gave, stated he should be charged with manslaughter.  And he disregard that.  So when we look at that, person from both sides, persons from both sides -- (crosstalk)

RUSH:  Well, the guy said he has --

CALLER:  -- don't do nothing.

RUSH:  He has repeatedly said he didn't have any witnesses, he didn't have enough evidence to charge anything, certainly not murder, which was what they wanted from the get-go. They wanted a murder charge, and they're not gonna rest until this guy's in jail or ruined one way or the other.  You cannot have a case like this, so soon after the Duke lacrosse case, which turned out to be entirely bogus, this thing happens, and it's made to order.  The way the Democrat Party sees this country is exactly what they want people to believe happened here, that an innocent young black was set upon because he was black and killed because he was black.

They're invested in that outcome, and whatever they have to do to get it is what is happening here.  And if they can't get that then they'll go for whatever they can get a conviction on because that's just their worldview of the country.  It's a shame.  It is.  Look, I'm glad you called. I'm glad you're out there 20 years. Give me another 20, and we'll tackle what's in your blood there. 


RUSH:  By the way, just to clarify here, George Zimmerman's father was indeed a judge, but he was not a judge in Florida.  George Zimmerman's father is a retired magistrate judge for the Supreme Court of Virginia.  Now, I don't know if the local people in Florida would even know that.  They might, but how much sway would that have?  He was not a local judge.  Is a retired judge from Virginia.  So okay, so they've got the events, they come across the case, there's Trayvon Martin, got Zimmerman, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, this guy's dad was a judge up in Virginia. Let's let him off."  That doesn't work for me.  I don't know how the guy's dad being a retired magistrate judge for Virginia would hold any sway with the cops in Sanford.  In fact, I don't even know that they would know it.

You know what else is political?  "House of Representatives Blocks Enforcement of Light Bulb Standards."  Finally, we're not gonna be mandated to go out and buy these stupid, idiotic compact fluorescent light bulbs.  You think that wasn't political?  And no doubt the compact fluorescent light bulb industry had a bunch of lobbyists.  Light bulbs in your house, you think that wasn't political?  All of this crap, wherever you find liberals, you're gonna find political motivations, objectives, you name it, and they do everything they can to hide that.  They try to make you think they just have your best interests, looking out for you.  Bunch of rotgut.

Vinny in Queens.  Vinny, great to have you on the program.  Hello, sir.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush.  Nice to talk to you again.

RUSH:  It's always a thrill here, Vinny, always a thrill.

CALLER:  I know that.  But, anyway, what may have started out as an exercise in social justice turned out to be nothing more than an outreach to thuggery.  I found the PSAs that you talked about two or three days ago to be unbelievable.  I have never heard an appeal to a certain race of people not to commit violence because of the outcome of a trial.  I was dumbfounded.

RUSH:  There you go.  How about that?  PSAs in Florida, "Please don't riot."  What are they begging 'em to do?  You're right, it's unprecedented.

CALLER:  Well, you were right when you said the fix was in, and you kind of said this weeks ago, and there's no doubt in my mind that he will be found guilty of manslaughter charges.  There's no doubt in my mind that he's going to serve time, but, again, it's incredulous that, in this day and age, that there should be PSA's, okay, in the state of Florida telling people, "Please don't riot."  And I am of the opinion also that the judge knows about this, and I am also of the opinion that the jury knows about this, and the jury will do its civic duty in the sense that we don't want our state to be burned to the ground, possibly.

RUSH:  To hell with their state, their town.  You're exactly right.

CALLER:  The town, okay, the town, whatever.  You look at LA, and it almost went national to a degree.  You don't want to be burned to the ground because a certain percentage and/or race of people are going to carry on because they don't like the verdict that has come out in this case, okay?  I find it incredulous, and I find it incredulous that it's not even against a white guy technically.  He's a Latino --

RUSH:  He is a white guy.  He's a white Hispanic.  He's a white Hispanic.  You can't say he's not a white guy.  The New York Times says "a white Hispanic."  I like your term.  Outreach to thuggery via the PSA's.  Thanks, Vinny, for the call.

RUSH:  Is anybody worried that the white Hispanics will riot if Zimmerman is found guilty?  I mean, there's some white Hispanics that live in Florida, too.  Is anybody worried what they might do?  I'm just asking.  They might come out of the shadows and riot.  You never know.


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