Author Topic: Israeli newspaper slams John Kerry: ‘Clueless U.S. mediator’  (Read 359 times)

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Israeli newspaper slams John Kerry: ‘Clueless U.S. mediator’
By Cheryl K. Chumley

The Washington Times
Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Israeli media doesn’t have a favorable impression of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his push toward peace in the Middle East, opening one opinion page posting with this title: “Clueless U.S. mediator.”

Ynet News’ Hagai Segal’s angle: Why is Mr. Kerry trying too hard to facilitate a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Liberation Organization Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, when Egypt and Syria are in utter chaos?

Even The New York Times wonders this question, Ynet said. And his work to bring about this deal is only “placing American foreign policy in a ridiculous light,” the Israeli paper opined.

“The U.S. cannot make peace between Arabs and other Arabs, yet it believes it can make peace between Israel and the Palestinians. … Is it possible that John Kerry is more talented than all the American mediators who came before him? Not at all.”

The paper goes on: “Kerry’s mediation skills are limited to pressuring Israel to make dangerous concessions for the sake of negotiations that will lead nowhere. He lacks the intellectual and diplomatic ability to devise a permanent agreement that will satisfy both sides. He is a blind proponent of an impossible vision and is his own candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Re: Israeli newspaper slams John Kerry: ‘Clueless U.S. mediator’
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Re: Israeli newspaper slams John Kerry: ‘Clueless U.S. mediator’
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Maybe so, but we can be proud our SOS appears to be an accomplished wind surfer and kayaker. So take that, you Israeli.
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Re: Israeli newspaper slams John Kerry: ‘Clueless U.S. mediator’
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Kerry shuttled back and forth into the region last month to the point they were laughing at it.

So.....the conclusion I draw is that his plans do NOT include an Israel when the dust settles on a new Islamic Republic.

That's what I think is the story here.  When the shooting starts, they can't trust the USA.  Not with this CIC.
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