Author Topic: Exclusive: Never-Aired 'Apprentice' Parody of Trump Firing Obama  (Read 312 times)

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Breitbart News has obtained the full video of Donald Trump performing an Apprentice-style career evaluation of President Barack Obama during the 2012 election.

Trump made the video, which his political operatives (who provided the video to Breitbart News) say cost $100,000 to produce, for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. It was supposed to air at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Tampa last August. Unexpected bad weather threw the convention off schedule, and the Romney campaign never ended up publishing it, though a clip leaked to NBC News’ Today Show in September.
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Re: Exclusive: Never-Aired 'Apprentice' Parody of Trump Firing Obama
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I liked it. Did anyone else notice the one "mistake" they made with the fake Obama?

snip from the link:

Well isn't this interesting!

Trump’s team notes that Stevens and Schriefer gave New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie the keynote slot; Christie did not mention Romney until the 16-minute mark of his address. SSG-DC worked for Christie back in 2009 in his successful bid for the New Jersey governorship, and they are now working for him again.

Sam Nunberg, a political operative who works with Trump, said he believes Stevens and Schrieffer “used Romney's primary win to promote Christie. Plain and simple. And in doing so, they broke promises that were made to many during the primary, including Mr. Trump."

"They were disloyal, just like their prize client Christie," he claimed

and to the following I say BALONEY..... Trump was 100% correct in his observation.

Stevens disagrees with Trump’s team’s assessment of their work with Christie.
“I thought Gov. Christie gave a great speech and one that was terrifically well received across the board,” Stevens told Breitbart News. “The hall loved it but also if you were a swing voter watching at home, I think it really resonated. Again and again Governor Christie went above and beyond to help Governor Romney. He endorsed Governor Romney at a critical moment, campaigned for him at key moments in Iowa and New Hampshire and around the country.”

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