Author Topic: Man charged after confessing on 'Dr. Phil' show to domestic abuse  (Read 473 times)

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Prosecutors in Oklahoma say they have filed charges against an Oklahoma City man who confessed on the "Dr. Phil" television show to beating his girlfriend.

Timothy Dean Cruz, 25, faces seven counts of punching, kicking and choking Brittany Roberts between 2011 and 2013, The Oklahoman reported Wednesday.

Ok, that part is certainly interesting enough, that he got busted for publically admitting to abuse while on Dr Phil, but of greater interest to me is the next paragraph:

Cruz admitted on the show, which initially aired in May, he had choked his girlfriend while holding their 6-month-old daughter. Roberts characterized him as "evil, abusive and unfaithful" even though she said she was considering marrying him.

She is, huh? Someone on here care to explain that one to me since trying to figure it out is giving me a headache?
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Re: Man charged after confessing on 'Dr. Phil' show to domestic abuse
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I can't explain it, Cin. Why is there women wanting to marry terrorists?   :shrug: :shrug:

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