Author Topic: Ecuador tells Washington to submit its position on Snowden case ‘in writing’  (Read 423 times)

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Purposefully insulting. How much clearer can the Ecuadorians express their disdain for Obama? He has made the US the butt of jokes throughout the world.

Ecuador said on Wednesday the United States must “submit its position” regarding Edward Snowden to the Ecuadorian government in writing as it considers the former U.S. spy agency contractor's request for asylum. Ecuador, in a statement from its embassy in Washington, said it would review the request “responsibly”.

“The legal basis for each individual case must be rigorously established, in accordance with our national Constitution and the applicable national and international legal framework. This legal process takes human rights obligations into consideration as well,” the statement said.

“This current situation is not being provoked by Ecuador,” the embassy said.
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En español, por favor.

How nice to see that even relatively tiny nations like Ecuador aren't impressed or intimidated by The Won.
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Obama and this bunch of evil piles....are getting their wish, destroying America's standing in the world.

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