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As usual, Palin was powerful, articulate and blunt.


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I am with former VP Dick Cheney, (also a former Sec. of Defense). It is NOT the job of every private or sergeant or private contractor to make our country's classified national security material public.

That is treason. I served in the military with a secret clearance. My unit was in crypto communications.

Trust me, when I say it is not the job of privates and sergeants and defense department private contractors to decide these matters, not ever.

If you can't grasp that, you need to start at square one with the entire subject of national security classified material, intelligence, espionage, etc.

Some changes may be needed, but it is the job of Congress and the courts to decide that, not some individual taking it upon themselves.

And this is not a partisan issue, to be wrong to do during Obama, after doing it as well under Bush. 
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