Author Topic: In case you did not think the “fix was in” with the IRS and TARGETING, check this out! They knew and plotted how to cover their tracks  (Read 393 times)

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As you may recall, the IRS targeted Tea Party groups and the IRS upper management knew they would get exposed in the Inspector General’s report of May.  So what did they do?  They quickly gathered and came up with a scheme or plot:  they would have Lois Lerner get a planted question at the ABA meeting days before the release of the IG report.  I guess they hoped it would look like they were not hiding anything if they beat the IG to releasing the disgraceful news? 

But…it just got worse, it wasn’t just Lois Lerner plotting….it turns out that the plotting (strategizing) went high up at the IRS – to the IRS DIRECTOR Miller!

Did Greta just blow this thing open?
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Having watched the hearing and Miller's answers, I recall he admitted of the planted question for Lois Lerner.  But he has been "fired" by Meester Beeg; so he will float into some save government job and draw a huge retirement no matter what.  Seems perjury does not mean anything today.  Gaah

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IS there a person here who watched that first hearing who doubts Miller was not in this all the way to the Oval Office????  He could not look the congressmen/women in the eyes when he testified and the answers were beyond lame.  In addition, the new guy isn't doing squat - you could tell from HIS testimony and I was convinced even moreso after seeing Mueller last week state that he doesn't know who in the FBI is investigating, who is leading it, etc........ the message came through loud and clear... no one is doing anything, they are trying to run out the clock like Fast and Furious and Benghazi.
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