Author Topic: Afghanistan: UK Troops Move HQ To Camp Bastion  (Read 622 times)

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Afghanistan: UK Troops Move HQ To Camp Bastion
« on: June 15, 2013, 06:59:04 AM »
Via Sky News:

British forces in Afghanistan are moving their headquarters from Lashkar Gah to Camp Bastion, ahead of a drawdown.

The UK's 9,000 on-the-ground personnel have been commanded from Lashkar Gar since they took the lead in conflict-riven Helmand Province in 2006.

The Lashkar Gah HQ - which is within the provincial capital of Helmand - was placed in the town to allow British commanders and reconstruction experts to work closely with local officials.

Now, with internal Afghan forces increasingly taking over security in Helmand from ISAF troops, it has been decided to move the base to Camp Bastion.

Camp Bastion is located next to the Afghan National Army's Camp Shorabak.

It is a massive air and army base which is home to nearly 30,000 British, American, Danish, Estonian, Afghan and Tongan personnel.

Bastion was designed to be away from population centres and in the middle of a desert area to make it more difficult to attack.

The Ministry of Defence says that the move will help British and Afghan forces work closer together during the final stages of transition.

Eventually, 100% of security operations in Helmand will be taken over by Afghan forces.

More at link.
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