Author Topic: IRS Targeting Coincided With Obama’s Bashing of Groups by KEITH KOFFLER  (Read 911 times)

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IRS Targeting Coincided With Obama’s Bashing of Groups
by KEITH KOFFLER on JUNE 14, 2013, 11:37 AM
As this report by Jim Angle of Fox News makes sterling clear, the IRS targeting of conservative groups was done amidst a climate in which the president of the United States was bashing those very organizations as a threat to the nation.

Obama set the tone, and IRS officials got the message. Who doesn’t want to please the boss, especially – you think there are lots of Republicans working at senior levels of the IRS? – when you agree with him? Whether the order for this came out of the White House or not, those running this operation believed that had a bright green light to do what they did.

The people occupying this White House, from the president on down, have never really had great respect for Office of the Presidency and the awesome power they wield. Whether it’s putting their feet on the furniture, going Friday casual in the Oval Office, doing politics 24-7, or attacking private citizens, Obama and his minions don’t get where they are.

The IRS scandal is what happens when the responsibility these people have been given for The Peoples’ House is abused by having the president personally tear into private citizens. The machinery of government gets cranked up and relentlessly follows the lead of the person in charge.

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You would have to be pretty dumb not to think he and/or his campaign team were behind this.  When is the last time a campaign official set in on the meetings like this campaign team were privy too?
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