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Support the USO

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I think this is terrific.

God Bless the Patriots.  Robert Kraft is DANIEL of biblical times.

There he is...being totally ignored by the lions, while he's flipping double birds to the people in the stands...and New England Liberalism.


I heard John Feinstein's "One-minute sports" segment today, where he simply trashed Tebow.

He also pointed out that fans got on Ray Lewis when he mentioned the Almighty or made the sign of the cross...but because he was a superstar, well that made it alright.

He said the Tebow couldn't be a 2nd string quarterback on ANY NFL team...and because nobody else signed him, he's correct.

New England has their QBs there's no controversy. 

But to have the owner come out and say that Tim Tebow is a winner and that he welcomes the spirituality and feels that it will only enhance the team and organization.

....of course the publicity doesn't hurt.

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