Author Topic: How To Become A Successful Professional Speaker  (Read 823 times)

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How To Become A Successful Professional Speaker
« on: June 10, 2013, 05:00:01 PM »
....Create Copious Content. One early secret of Widener’s success was writing – all the time. “When the Internet opened up, everybody had a website, but nobody had content,” he recalls. “I wrote 450 articles on success and business and I gave it away for free. At the bottom, the articles would give my bio, and I was able to build a list of 100,000 people really quickly and started self-publishing my own books.”

Leverage Social Media. Widener has also been aggressive in developing a presence on social media networks. “Between various Facebook and Twitter accounts, I have almost 900,000 [followers].” He’s grown his base through a combination of attracting followers organically via content marketing and paid online marketing. “I regularly use Facebook marketing to build my list,” he says. “Right now, I spend $15 a day and I might get 75-125 new fans a day.” He cites one colleague who spent big on Facebook ads and saw serious returns: “I know a guy who built a 600,000 person list for $50,000 in three months.” Despite the eye-popping numbers, “This wasn’t a list bought illegally; he just bought Facebook ads and said, ‘Are you interested in this? Become a fan.’”...

There is a lot of good information in this article that the grassroots can use.
Never delude yourself into thinking you're "influencing" or making a difference on the internet. It is an ephemeral pleasure.

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