Author Topic: Green Beret, Iraq Vet Father Accidentally Shot And Killed By Four Year Old Son  (Read 365 times)

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Green Beret, Iraq Vet Father Accidentally Shot And Killed By Four Year Old Son
by Evan McMurry | 12:27 pm, June 8th, 2013

A man was accidentally shot and killed by his four-year-old son in Prescott Valley, Arizona on Friday afternoon, after the boy found a gun left unattended.

Justin Thomas, a former Green Beret and Iraq veteran, and his son were visting from Phoenix. A witness says the son found the gun in a friend’s living room, asked, “Daddy, what’s this?” and accidentally fired. Police say that Thomas was visiting the friend unannounced, which potentially explains why the gun was left unsecured.

Thomas died at the hospital, while the son stayed with police officers until his mother arrived. Authorities say Thomas also has a newborn child.

Watch a news segment about the shooting, via

video at link

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He violated several rules of gun safety.

- Do not leave loaded weapons in reach of young children
- If you are going to leave a weapon out, ensure it is unloaded.
- Check again to make sure it is unloaded
- Do not leave the ammo accessible
- Make sure kids know that a gun is NOT a toy or something to mess with
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Green Beret, Iraq Vet Father Accidentally Shot And Killed By Four Year Old Son

I'm not buying it.

No way a 4 year-old has the strength to pull the trigger on a double-action.

No way anybody leaves a weapon loaded and cocked for a 4 year-old to pull the trigger and just 'happened' to be pointed at the guy's chest.

The 'friend' prolly wanted the guy's ole-lady...

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