Author Topic: Green Beret, Iraq Vet Father Accidentally Shot And Killed By Four Year Old Son  (Read 482 times)

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He violated several rules of gun safety.

- Do not leave loaded weapons in reach of young children
- If you are going to leave a weapon out, ensure it is unloaded.
- Check again to make sure it is unloaded
- Do not leave the ammo accessible
- Make sure kids know that a gun is NOT a toy or something to mess with
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Green Beret, Iraq Vet Father Accidentally Shot And Killed By Four Year Old Son

I'm not buying it.

No way a 4 year-old has the strength to pull the trigger on a double-action.

No way anybody leaves a weapon loaded and cocked for a 4 year-old to pull the trigger and just 'happened' to be pointed at the guy's chest.

The 'friend' prolly wanted the guy's ole-lady...

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