Author Topic: 'Drop the Liberal Thing!' Cavuto Erupts at Guest for Dismissing Gov't Scandals  (Read 440 times)

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On today's 'Cavuto on Business,' Fox News host Neil Cavuto ​lambasted guest Julian Epstein, during a fervent discussion on the NSA’s tracking of Verizon customers’ phone records, for refusing to acknowledge that this has become a pattern.

Cavuto argued that this latest revelation is part of a larger trend when it comes to the Obama administration. He said that collecting phone records, the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups, and the Justice Department’s surveillance of Associated Press and Fox News reporters are all part of a “systemic pattern of invading people’s privacy and using the full weight and power of the United States government to be a real pain in the ass.”

Epstein chastised Cavuto for conflating the issues, but Cavuto interjected, “Why don’t you think about what I just said, Julian. […] Drop the liberal thing and focus on the reality thing! You have one entity after another going after American people […] essentially doing the same thing. You can call that conflating; I am telling you there’s a pattern and you’re just shrugging your shoulders.”

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Epstein chastised Cavuto for conflating the issues...

Julian Epstein wouldn't be a Jewish apologist, would he...

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Cavuto booted Epstein off the show after the first segment.  Typically, the token leftist stays through at least two segments.

Cavuto was pissed at this Obama butt-kisser and shut off his mic.
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Good for Neil.  More hosts should follow his lead.

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