Author Topic: Calif. utility to retire troubled San Onofre nuclear power plant  (Read 490 times)

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This facility is just off the I-5 freeway. They used to invite the public to take tours. It is now over 40 years old.

The troubled San Onofre nuclear power plant on the California coast is closing after an epic 16-month battle over whether the twin reactors could be safely restarted with millions of people living nearby, officials announced Friday.

Operator Southern California Edison said in a statement it will retire the twin reactors because of uncertainty about the future of the plant, which faced a tangle of regulatory hurdles, investigations and mounting political opposition. With the reactors idle, the company has spent more than $500 million on repairs and replacement power.

San Onofre could power 1.4 million homes. California officials have said they would be able to make it through the summer without the plant but warned that wildfires or another disruption in distribution could cause power shortages.

It wasn't clear how electrical production from the plant would be replaced permanently. The California Public Utilities Commission said it will work with governments to ensure Southern California has enough electricity, which will require increased energy efficiency and conservation during peak usage, as well as upgrades to transmission and generation resources.

I am certainly not qualified to determine if San Onofre is a safe facility or not, but taking it completely off line and relying on the CA PUC
to see its contribution to the power grid will be replaced by "efficiency and conservation", well, expect rolling blackouts eventually throughout So Cal.
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Re: Calif. utility to retire troubled San Onofre nuclear power plant
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This'll be funny to watch.  I wonder how many CA libbies are going to whine about not having the power to recharge their iPods this summer.

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