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Tuesday June 4, 2013
Obama Would Be Toast If Americans Actually Paid Attention To Benghazi

By Alicia Colon

When it comes to scandals, the IRS targeting conservatives seems to resonate with the public because no one likes the IRS. The Justice Department snooping on the Associated Press and a Fox News reporter outrages the media so they're finally criticizing the administration. Both of these scandals, however, leave wiggle room for the president to deny involvement but there is no way for him to escape responsibility for Benghazi. Fortunately for him, Americans don't seem to care that two Americans fought for their lives waiting hours for assistance that was never ordered by the Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama. Shame on Us!

The reporting on Benghazi has been so convoluted and practically non existent on the major networks - save Fox News - that even this news junkie ignored the significance of the Benghazi timeline. American Thinker editor Thomas Lifson published a detailed timeline in spreadsheet form that listed the events but I neglected to read it carefully. I had long been under the impression that all the deaths of our Americans occurred at the same time as Ambassador Stevens. The timeline showed this horrifying fact - that Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were killed on the annex rooftop at 4am Benghazi time hours after the Ambassador and his aide were murdered. In fact, the former Seals Doherty and Woods were not even in Benghazi but were stationed in Tripoli when they learned that Benghazi was under attack and rushed to aid others. They arrived in Benghazi at 1:30am on 9/12. They died fighting the jihadists hours later.

According to the timeline, Obama, Biden and Panetta met at White House at 11:30pm Benghazi time on 9/11 in plenty of time to send support to the consulate, support that was nearby and available. What opened my eyes to these overlooked facts was a video by Charles Krauthammer who was answering the question of which Obama scandal he felt was the worst. He answered that the biggest scandal that President Obama has to face is the question of what he was doing at the time the attack on the Benghazi consulate in Libya was occurring. For eight hours while four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, were dying, Obama apparently did nothing except make one call to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Krauthammer told Bill O'Reilly.

I know that Congress, specifically House Republicans, have been asking for documents on Benghazi but lately all inquiries seem to focus on the IRS and AG Holder. The idea that dead Americans have been pushed to the rear is unacceptable and I contacted my congressman, Michael Grimm, and vented asking him did anybody in Congress care about Benghazi? I wrote:

"Don't you? As a military veteran aren't you appalled that two men died on roof waiting for help that was close by but never came?"

He immediately answered me back via his phone.

"Of course I care. This is a black eye on our country for eternity. As a Marine I believe we never leave anyone behind! I have been outspoken and vocal on how this tragedy was swept under the rug and how the Administration lied to the American people - but to say that no one in Congress cares is as absurd as the Sec of State's comments after the incident. The House Oversight Committee held numerous hearings and so did the Senate. Many Republican Members have been on TV blasting the Administration for failing to provide security, failing to respond to the attack and for the cover-up. The media is trying to kill the story and to some extent the general public doesn't seem to care very much. It is a sad day in America when the press is in the pocket of anyone and the citizens don't much seem to care. Only so much an individual Member of Congress can do without the people or the press or both behind them!

"I am personally disgusted by the way this horrific act of terrorism went on for so many hours without any response from our military but I am even more infuriated by the response from the Administration to hide the facts and deny the truth to the American people. My heart and prayers are with the families of the 4 Americans who lost their lives senselessly who must have felt abandoned by their country. This was simply unforgivable. MgG"

He is absolutely correct and I urge others to contact their representatives and demand answers. The shame is also on the citizens who don't seem to care. We can excuse the low information voters for not caring by blaming the mainstream media for not covering news unfavorable to Obama but that would be too generous.

Too many of our citizens are totally wrapped up in their lives and are comfortable in their ignorance of reality. They are a different breed of American, worlds apart from the ones who built this nation more than two centuries ago. They are frivolous, celebrity obsessed and there is no other word for this - clueless. Global news is unimportant to their lives until it hits them while they are in a bus or restaurant that blows up after someone shouts 'Allahu Akbar!'

They are a product of an education system that has indoctrinated them into acceptance of socialism and governmental dependence. Government is God with the answer to all their problems. They have never read Animal Farm, 1984 and their ignorance of why we revolted against England is palpable. They know nothing about propaganda or its mastermind Goebbels but they accept the politicians' lies repeated over and over as truth.

I really shouldn't stereotype all Americans this way because the previous description only fits those who don't seem to care whom they vote into office as long as they are promised goodies from the government.

Certainly that's the type of voter I see in my hometown of New York City who's getting ready to accept a disgraced congressman who posted his genitals online and is now a mayoral candidate; who reelected a congressman censured for tax evasion. In Massachusetts they elected a woman with dubious Native American ancestry who practiced law without a license as their senator. In California, these voters don't know the meaning of the words, 'conflict of interest' and reelected Sen. Dianne Feinstein whose broker husband will now benefit from the sale of government property. They vote for a Democratic legislature that will now tax them over 146% thanks to Obamacare but they can afford that, can't they? Those that can't should relocate to a Red State like Texas or North Dakota.

It is in the red states with Republican leadership that the pioneer spirit still exists and respect for the military is ever-present. Americans there are appalled at the treatment our brave men and women are receiving from this administration. The massive drawdown of American troops in Afghanistan and the dismantling of U.S. military facilities means no hot meals for marines stationed in that hot spot. Meanwhile the White House hosts celebs at grandiose parties on the taxpayer's dime. The red staters know about Benghazi and what happened to those brave men who died waiting for help from a president too busy to help and who remained too unperturbed by their deaths to cancel his fundraising trip to Vegas the next day. These voters also would never vote for a president who shirked his duty as Commander-in-Chief.

If all Americans had been paying attention to Benghazi last September, President Barack Obama would be a one termer and he and Eric Holder would be toast.

Support the USO

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Obama Would Be Toast If Americans Actually Paid Attention To Benghazi Anything.
There, fixed it. The 'every vote counts' madness has swelled the ranks of voters with the now infamous 'low information' (ignorant/stupid) voters as well as illegal voters. The polls are now so diluted with mindless idiots that we are in a pathetic situation as a country and will probably never overcome this. Of course the corrupt politicians love this. The can sell anything to the stupid as long as they can continue to steal money from some others and give it to their new constituents.

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If Americans paid attention to anything, the extent of Obama's risk to you would be not putting enough fries in your order.

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