Author Topic: Amnesty Made California a One-Party State  (Read 452 times)

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Amnesty Made California a One-Party State
« on: June 05, 2013, 03:30:22 PM »

Amnesty Made California a One-Party State
June 05, 2013


RUSH: I ran across a piece by a writer named Matthew Continetti.  I've seen that name before, and I may have even quoted pieces that Matthew Continetti has written on prior broadcasts.  This is a piece that ran on May 31st in the Free Beacon, and it's called, "The California Captivity of the Democratic Party."

I'll tell you why it fascinates me.  You and I, we look at the state of California, and we have red flags and warning bells that go off.  We see a disaster. If the country goes the way of California, then the country is lost, at least in terms of the way it was founded.  California's an abject mess.  High taxes. You have a caste system of economics. You've got the poorest of the poor, the least educated of the least educated. You have the wealthiest of the wealthy; you have the most powerful of the powerful.

You have the extremes of wealth and the extremes of poverty, and it's all run by the American left.  It's all run by Democrats.  It's all run by moneyed people.  Mr. Continetti's point here is that the state of California, when you and I look at it, we say, "My gosh! The Republican Party hasn't been a factor there since when?  The eighties?  Nineties?  The Republican Party hasn't mattered in California, and it may not for a long time."

You know, anything can happen in politics, but if the trends continue the Republican Party may as well not even exist there.  It's one-party state control, one-party rule. (sigh) It's tax increase here, tax increase there, cost of living down, real estate prices skyrocketing. The average American canned afford much of anything in California.  You go... Well, the debt is horrendous.  You go inland in California, and you find an entirely different way of life than you'll find on the coasts.

But Continetti's point is that California is exactly what the American left wants the country to be.  California is nirvana to them.  "The state represents..." This is a pull quote from Continetti's piece.  "The state represents a possible future for the entire nation, and the preferred future of the American left: environmentally stringent, demographically heterogeneous, Pacific-oriented, inequality-obsessed (and inequality-prone), and devoid of conservatives in positions of influence."

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Re: Amnesty Made California a One-Party State
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