Author Topic: Lindsey Graham: 'No Evidence' White House Directed IRS To Target Conservatives  (Read 613 times)

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Support the USO

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Graham and McCain ought to get a room, and just enjoy each other, while the real men do the heavy lifting. Neither have the guts to call a liar a liar, and use soft words, to show how soft they really are. Lindsey and John are the gruesome twosome of the Senate.

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Lindsey Graham: 'No Evidence' White House Directed IRS To Target Conservatives

That's like murdering all the witnesses and then claiming that there are no witnesses...

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There is no evidence yet!

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The lack of evidence is not evidence of lack.  Mr. Graham should stop playing the patsy.

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Let me water board Valerie Jarrett, Ms. Lerner and Mr. Schulman.....I'll get the answer in about 5 minutes. :whistle:
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