Author Topic: BREAKING: Source Says IRS Scandal About To Explode, “Low-Level Employees Miffed At Being Blamed, About To Return Fire”…  (Read 622 times)

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Unless these low-level grunts are offered immunity, they'll never turn.


It's far easier to dupe people than to convince them they have been duped.

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"What unrepentant sin against Jesus Christ does a Republican have to commit, before you will stop rewarding them with your vote?"

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Unless these low-level grunts are offered immunity, they'll never turn.

Unless they are offered something huge, they will turn. These people have higher aspirations, and taking the hit won't look good on their resumes. Not all union members are democrats, and don't like what is going on. They also have pride, and to be insulted by their bosses is disgusting and belittling.

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I can't see how a known snitch would be safe in a government union environment today.

They kill young attractive secretaries in offices with window views of the White House.

And strangely.....they go unsolved. :pondering:
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