Author Topic: Lobbying: ministers race to change rules as scandals hit home  (Read 507 times)

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Via the Guardian:

Two Labour peers were suspended from their parliamentary party on Sunday while a third, Ulster Unionist peer was forced to resign pending inquiries into allegations that they broke parliamentary rules by offering to carry out work for cash. The trio were punished as David Cameron brought forward stalled plans for a register of lobbyists in the wake of a gathering scandal across Westminster.

Lord Cunningham, Lord Mackenzie and the Ulster Unionist Lord Laird face allegations that they offered to work with undercover journalists posing as lobbyists. All three deny any wrongdoing and have referred themselves to the House of Lords commissioner for standards.

In an acknowledgement of the potential damage to public faith in the political system, the coalition cabinet members repeated a pledge to find time in the legislative programme for a new law to extend lobbying transparency, government sources said.

Cameron predicted in 2010 that lobbying would be "the next scandal waiting to happen" but has failed to introduce the promised law so far.

More at link.

This is even a surprise?
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Re: Lobbying: ministers race to change rules as scandals hit home
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Reminds me of a line from "Master & Commander" when the captain and doctor are discussing the French ship they've been chasing.

Capt. Jack Aubrey: "I'm not even sure it was the Acheron we sighted. And if it was, she'll be well away by now. Like looking for an honest man in parliament."
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