Author Topic: To Protect Obama From Scandal, Media Pretend to Care About Economy  (Read 333 times)

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 by John Nolte 1 Jun 2013, 7:25 AM PDT

Yes, we might have enjoyed a couple of weeks of the media acting like real journalists as a trifecta of scandals broke over the White House. But you can already tell that the media are preparing to return to form as Obama's Shamefully Dishonest Palace Guards.

It was earlier this week when I first heard NBC's senior political editor, Mark Murray, hurl the spin that the GOP might "overreach" with its investigations into the IRS and Libya scandals. His reasoning was that, because polls show that investigating scandals is not a "voter priority," the investigations could backfire.

Yesterday, NBC hit that theme again with this "First Read" post:

While many believe the controversies about Benghazi, the IRS and journalists’ phone records are worth pursuing, Americans also say those investigations should take a back seat to the issue of jobs and the economy. Seventy-three percent of Americans (including 60 percent of Republicans) said that jobs and the economy should be the higher priority, versus 22 percent of Americans who argued for putting investigations into the administration first.

In essence, if Republicans are seen as putting investigations into the administration before their work on repairing the still-struggling economy, it could backfire politically.

You do see what is happening here, right?

As the GOP investigates legitimate and chilling scandals, the media is gearing up to push back next week with this year's version of  "it's all about sex." But because these scandals aren't about sex, but instead about a leviathan federal government that is either corrupt, incompetent, or both (I vote "both"), we are going to get a relentless media campaign of….

"What about the economy, GOP!?"

"You're ignoring the economy, GOP!!"

"You're ignoring the will of the people, GOP!"

"You're out of step with public opinion, GOP!"

"You're extremist, GOP!"


"It's the economy, stupid GOP!"

Whoa, hey, well what do you know -- after five years of ObamaCare, Bain Capital, dogs on car roofs, Todd Akin, gay marriage, and vaginavaginavagina -- the media suddenly give a hi-ho-hearty damn about the state of the American economy!

Well, welcome to the party, Mainstream Media -- how does it feel after a half-decade to finally be on board with about 300 million people concerned with insane deficits, ridiculously slow growth, and no jobs?

But, of course, the media don't care anymore about the economy than they do about "white Hispanics" getting fair trials. The media's sudden concern with the economy -- which has been a top voter priority since 2008 -- is nothing more than another hustle, lie, scam, and con. But because the scandals swirling around the White House are so toxic and so legitimate -- this is all the media have to protect Their Precious One.

What is absolutely hysterical, though, is that the very same media now concern-trolling the GOP about voter priorities is the very  same media that for six-months obsessed over gun control.

FACT: Only 4% of Americans consider gun control a priority.

FACT:  A full 22% of Americans see investigating these scandals as a priority.

FACT: The media and The State are ONE in their shared corruption.

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