Author Topic: Justice Dept. says Holder didn't lie before congressional committee  (Read 518 times)

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I say he did lie!

I guess we will find out who's definition of lying will prevail!

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Let's see, if I'm understanding the game, this is how it goes, each release separated by a day or two:

What? A lie? What do you mean?
Oh, THAT. Well, he didn't lie.
He didn't even say that.
Oh, he said it, well, he misspoke.
Yes indeed he said it, he meant it, and it wasn't a lie.
Right, that's old news.

By the time they call it old news, the public is confused, and uninterested. I've seen more than one liberal gauge the seriousness of the Obama scandals based on public interest. That's all they care about, right or wrong isn't an absolute, it's all relative.

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