Author Topic: 3D-Printed Bullets Exist, And They're Terrifyingly Easy To Make (Huffpo has a panic attack)  (Read 951 times)

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It was only a matter of time. Now that there is more than one 3D-printed gun, a 3D-printed bullet couldn't have been too far behind.

On Sunday, 48-year-old industrial technician Jeff Heeszel uploaded a video of his friend shooting a 3D-printed bullet from a shotgun. As you may have guessed, the bullet worked. Not as well as a regular bullet, but, remember, it was made at home on a machine.

Jeff Heeszel isn't an anarchist, he just loves to play with guns. His YouTube channel, Taofledermaus, became popular because Heeszel makes videos of himself and his friends shooting random objects like dimes and Tic Tacs out of shotguns.

Three different types of 3D-printed shotgun slugs are fired in the video. The first bullet goes straight through a wooden dart board. The second went through a 2-inch thick piece of pine wood, and the third bullet did a little damage to a mannequin head. Why are these guys shooting at mannequin heads? That doesn't send a great message. Each bullet is made of plastic and contains a lead ball to add some weight.

Let's just review how stupid Huffpo is here. A 'bullet' has always been easy to make. It is what makes it go boom that is more difficult. Primers and Powder are the real holy grail of home-made firearms.
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Someone should remind the idiots on HuffPo how it was done in the days of yore - bullet molds.  In fact the government even has a photo of one here:

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