Author Topic: CNN Contributor Compares IRS Targeting Tea Party To Law Enforcement Surveillance Of Muslims…  (Read 478 times)

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So incredibly dumb it’s giving me a headache.

Muslims to Tea Party: Welcome to our world — CNN

    Reports that the Internal revenue Service has been targeting Tea Party-affiliated nonprofit organizations has grabbed headlines, but should come as no surprise. In part because of ten years of expanding government powers, much of it under the guise of national security, selective enforcement of the law has increasingly become a norm rather than an aberration.

    But some in the Muslim community might have a question – why are conservatives so surprised (and outraged) by this news when Muslim nonprofits and their leaders have been under intense scrutiny for over a decade? And when so many Muslim groups and individuals have faced scrutiny simply for the religion they follow? [...]

    While some may see the case of Muslim organizations and Tea Party affiliated groups as different, the same principles are involved – the uneven application of the law and discriminatory treatment directed at a minority. In one case the minority is targeted for its faith, while in another they are targeted for their politics.
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The author's name is Sahar Aziz. Perhaps someone should point out to her that her Muslim buddies have been responsible for any number of violent acts, the latest being the bombings in Boston. The Tea Party, however, is not guilty of any violent acts, except within the fervid imaginations of the Black Political Caucus and other similar Liberal mental swamps.

That, Ms Aziz, might make for a slight difference.

P. S. Ms Aziz, if at any time you would like to return to whatever ME hellhole you consider home, I am sure we can find a boat that will take you there; just as I am sure you will look lovely in a chador, though, as a female, you won't be allowed as much freedom of expression there to spout your nonsense as you do here.
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