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Don’t make fun of renowned Dan Brown
« on: May 12, 2013, 06:24:38 PM »
Subtitled: The snobs and critics will have a field day with the US author’s latest work – but I’m not joining in

A very funny skewering of the truly wretched writing style of best selling author, Dan Brown. I read his "Da Vinci Code" and thought  it was one of the worst written novels I had ever read and could not figure out what all the fuss was about. This piece does a masterful job capturing Brown's shortcomings.

An advisory: though funny, the piece is a bit longish, so if you aren't interested in Brown or literary squabbles you might want to skip it.

Excerpts from the opening:

Renowned author Dan Brown woke up in his luxurious four-poster bed in his expensive $10 million house – and immediately he felt angry. Most people would have thought that the 48-year-old man had no reason to be angry. After all, the famous writer had a new book coming out. But that was the problem. A new book meant an inevitable attack on the rich novelist by the wealthy wordsmith’s fiercest foes. The critics...

The critics said his writing was clumsy, ungrammatical, repetitive and repetitive. They said it was full of unnecessary tautology. They said his prose was swamped in a sea of mixed metaphors. For some reason they found something funny in sentences such as “His eyes went white, like a shark about to attack.” They even say my books are packed with banal and superfluous description, thought the 5ft 9in man. He particularly hated it when they said his imagery was nonsensical. It made his insect eyes flash like a rocket.

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Re: Don’t make fun of renowned Dan Brown
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2013, 08:11:46 PM »
Quite honestly, he's well enough off that he can simply thumb his nose at his erstwhile critics.  Why should he waste a moment's time getting his undies in a twist?  It's not like he was writing for the Harvard Lit Crit crowd in the first place.
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Re: Don’t make fun of renowned Dan Brown
« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2013, 08:29:25 PM »
At the time I read his FICTION books, I enjoyed them.  I wouldn't know a tautology from a spare tire.

Dan Brown fiction is aimed at consumers that like a good story. Like James Patterson or Michael Connolly.

No intention by author or reader to test for literary style or other technicalities.

Regarding movies, I compare the critics to the viewers on Rotten Tomatoes and frequently, the viewers like movies better than the professional critics.

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