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Benghazi Story Escapes Conservative Media
« on: May 10, 2013, 04:54:00 PM »

Benghazi Story Escapes Conservative Media
May 10, 2013


RUSH:  So it's all over the place now that the White House lied about the Benghazi talking points. Ladies and gentlemen, the Benghazi story has now escaped conservative media, and it's all over everywhere now.  I shouldn't say all over.  It's out there.  It is everywhere.


So where to begin with this.  I guess the buzz today about Benghazi is over a report by Jonathan Karl.  But the actual beginning of this, if it weren't for Stephen Hayes at the Weekly Standard writing the story in a way that for some reason was attractive to Jonathan Karl of ABC, it might not have escaped conservative media.  For example, I just got a note from somebody who said that Scarborough, who is increasingly difficult to decipher, Joe Scarborough at MSNBC this morning said that we'd have been much further along in the Benghazi story if right-wing media hadn't overplayed it.

Now, as often happens with Scarborough, he has inadvertently swerved into a decent point, 50%.  It is true.  I don't think it is deniable, whenever we, I, conservative media, are really interested in something, the mainstream media purposely avoid it.  They mock us for being interested.  But they use, almost as a guidepost, anything that's happening in the country, I don't care, could be news, cultural, social, political, whatever it is that we are interested in, focused on, trying to call your attention to, they purposely avoid it because we're pushing it.  They have been, I think, moved into the area of journalistic malpractice.

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