Author Topic: Jared Bernstein: Obamacare Will "Boost Number Of Jobs Higher Because Of More Part-Time Jobs"  (Read 672 times)

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Sweet heavens. This guy is a "Former Biden economic adviser". Is it any wonder the economy remains sluggish and unemployment is still a major problem?

Former Biden economic adviser Jared Bernstein says that Obamacare may create more part-time jobs than full-time jobs.

 CHRIS JANSING, MSNBC: What do we know about how health care is effecting hiring decisions, Jared?

 JARED BERNSTEIN: Well, what he was saying, really, is not showing up, in terms of evidence in the data. Now, it is true that down the road, there will be incentives in the health care law where some firms may decide they'd rather create part time jobs instead of full time jobs -- we'll have to see. But by the way, just in terms of raw job counts, that could actually boost the number of jobs higher because you'd have more part-time jobs. None of these factors are playing out in these data yet, and the health care sector is and will continue to be a strong area of growth.
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How would Jansing like to work part time for LESS money or have to take two jobs because of Obamacare.  What a maroon.

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Yes, it will result in more part-time jobs - at the expense of losing a lot of full-time jobs!

Apparently, Biden-stupid is very contagious.

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