Author Topic: Ray J says this song isn’t about Kim Kardashian except that it is  (Read 364 times)

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For good reason we rarely talk about the trailer park Kardashians but this just struck me as so very funny. These people are such slime.

Ray J released the music video Monday for his latest single, which he says is not about Kim Kardashian except for the fact that it totally is.

The only reason Kardashian is famous is because she made a sex tape one time and it was “leaked” for all the world to see. Ray J, better known as that guy who was in Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, knows this fact all too well, so he decided to capitalize on it.

In the song he sings about an unnamed lady who is famous for being in a sex tape and then dating high-profile athletes and rappers

The song is aptly and hilariously titled “I Hit It First” and to be fair, Ray J is kind of correct. However, the D-list R&B singer has insisted that the song is not about Kim.

But the incredibly obvious lyrics, such as “She might move on to rappers and ball players* / But we all know I hit it first,” and now the music video that stars a Kardashian lookalike — complete with terrible fashion sense and reality TV cameras — suggest otherwise.

If you haven’t laughed yet today, do yourself a favor and watch the music video for “I Hit It First.”

*Kanye West and Kris Humphries, respectively.

There's a video at the link. I tried to listen to it but found myself hampered by two facts: one, I couldn't understand much of it; and two, it was unbelievably annoying. I did, however, get one line. Ray J not only claims to be first, but also "the best".

ROTFLMAO. This coterie of losers is somewhat like a traffic accident. You know it's a bad thing but you just can't take your eyes off as you drive by.
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