Author Topic: Man accused of stealing woman’s car on first date (bad form: never on the first date)  (Read 393 times)

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Man accused of stealing woman’s car on first date

By Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo! News | The Lookout – 12 hrs ago

Some first dates are bad. Others are terrible. But rare is the first date that ends with an armed carjacking.
After exchanging several text messages last week, Nimeha Milien of West Palm Beach, Fla., agreed to go on a date with Donald McGee. The two had never met. Ted White of WPBF News interviewed Milien about the experience.
Milien explained she picked up McGee in her car. They went to a park to talk. "We sat there. We spoke. Nothing wrong happened," Milien told WPBF. "It was like normal, all conversation.
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After the date, Milien dropped McGee off at a fast food restaurant where he said someone was coming to pick him up. Instead, he pulled out a gun and demanded Milien give him her keys.
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Two very important yet unanswered questions:

(1) What kind of car was it?

(2) Will Ms Milien and Mr McGee be seeing one another in the future (other than in court)?

I know I'm just a hopeless romantic but this does sound like the basis for a meaningful relationship between the two.

He faces charges of carjacking, fleeing police, marijuana possession, robbery with a firearm, and driving without a license. Yeah, but he's not all bad.
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