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[1] Elderly NY man kills repeat burglars, is charged for using inherited gun, loses his home

[2] Helicopter rescues N.J. man, 3 other climbers near Mount Rainier summit

[3] NYC school district job posting sought only ‘teachers of color’

[4] Full Media Blackout: Bill de Blasio's Wife Can't Account For $850 Million Collected From Taxpayers

[5] 50,000 Bees Reportedly Found in a New Jersey Apartment Building

[6] Mark Levin in Ridgewood, New Jersey, Satuday, May 25, Book-ends bookstore

[7] Fed Court Wields Blow To Christian Adoption Agency In Ny

[8] The new minimum wage is killing NYC’s once-thriving restaurant scene

[9] Former school bus driver in upstate New York avoids prison time for raping 14-year-old girl


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