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[1] Florida Judge Sides With Brenda Snipes Over Suspension

[2] Stung by Florida Midterm Losses, Democrats See a Swing State Drifting Away

[3] Florida governor announces sheriff's suspension over Parkland shootings

[4] Florida sheriff tells staff he expects to be suspended over Parkland shooting

[5] 'Horrifying injustice:' Sen. Marco Rubio calls for Groveland Four pardons

[6] Brenda Snipes sues Rick Scott to be reinstated as Broward County elections boss

[7] Rubio Sounds the Alarm: Democrat Lawyers Now Asking Judge to Change Florida Laws to Steal Election

[8] Profile of a Sinking Blue State, or Why Florida Dodged a Bullet in Election 2018

[9] More than 6000 mail-in ballots in Florida were not counted: officials


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