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[1] Washington Senate passes bill that would keep Trump off 2020 ballot unless he releases tax returns

[2] Rep. Ilhan Omar Voted Against Bill to Let Insurance Companies Deny Payouts to Terrorists’ Relatives

[3] Proposed 'stand your ground' bill prompts outburst from Arkansas legislator

[4] New Alabama law would require residents to pass drug tests to get food stamps

[5] These Married Cousins Are Trying To Change Utah Laws To Recognize Their Union

[6] MD: Has gun control made Baltimore safer? Data analyst says ‘No’

[7] SD Senate plans to reconsider hemp plan after bill’s failure

[8] Poster linking Omar to 9/11 attack causes fight to break out at W.Va statehouse

[9] WV: National Guard Bill Passes House Committee (no NG participation if war not declared)


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