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Ignorance.  I know Christians from the ME.

Me too, and other non-muslims from the ME.
Soft Cell
“Tainted Love”

Hi @Sighlass


Waves back at ya...

Soft Cell - Tainted Dub - Where Did Our Love Go.mp3

Freaking long mix of the song... perhaps too long...

My nephew just received his masters in mechanical engineering last year from Berkley, at a family gathering we were talking and Bill Nye and his predictions of doom came up. When I said I didn't agree with what Nye was saying my nephew replied with a condescending 'OH, you're one of those'. I said one of what and he said climate change deniers, I responded that that was untrue I believe in climate change, it changes daily and seasonally. He got huffy and told me he knows better because he had to study all the data and submit a paper on it. Obviously he felt I was too ignorant and I felt in the interest of not turning it into an argument at one of the few of our gatherings I decided to not ask if he really believed all the bullshit in that data.
Give him time and let him see a few other misrepresented data sets with erroneous conclusions and maybe he'll come around. So much is presented as clean cut gospel to students, and a little time in the real world has a way of exposing the approximations, generalizations, and, in some cases downright falsehoods that are sometimes conveniently wrapped in the tidy presentations of academia.

Part of the problem is in the presentation of the scientific method to use an experiment to 'prove' their belief (hypothesis) instead of test it. That introduces bias, which can affect data quality if integrity is not strictly maintained.

Pressure to publish, grant considerations, and desire to be eminent in a field may lead people to stray from the straight and narrow. Personal integrity becomes a determining factor, but bias introduced in educational or other environments can lead people to ignore data or flaws in data or conclusions.
I thought so too.

In case she did not, with this mug, she should endeavor to try harder, as it would improve the entire environment

Otter wouldn't never go for that.

Justin Amash @justinamash

Here are my principal conclusions:
1. Attorney General Barr has deliberately misrepresented Mueller’s report.
2. President Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct.
3. Partisanship has eroded our system of checks and balances.
4. Few members of Congress have read the report.
12:30 PM - 18 May 2019

I offer these conclusions only after having read Mueller’s redacted report carefully and completely, having read or watched pertinent statements and testimony, and having discussed this matter with my staff, who thoroughly reviewed materials and provided me with further analysis.

In comparing Barr’s principal conclusions, congressional testimony, and other statements to Mueller’s report, it is clear that Barr intended to mislead the public about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s analysis and findings.

Barr’s misrepresentations are significant but often subtle, frequently taking the form of sleight-of-hand qualifications or logical fallacies, which he hopes people will not notice.

Under our Constitution, the president “shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” While “high Crimes and Misdemeanors” is not defined, the context implies conduct that violates the public trust.

Contrary to Barr’s portrayal, Mueller’s report reveals that President Trump engaged in specific actions and a pattern of behavior that meet the threshold for impeachment.

In fact, Mueller’s report identifies multiple examples of conduct satisfying all the elements of obstruction of justice, and undoubtedly any person who is not the president of the United States would be indicted based on such evidence.

Impeachment, which is a special form of indictment, does not even require probable cause that a crime (e.g., obstruction of justice) has been committed; it simply requires a finding that an official has engaged in careless, abusive, corrupt, or otherwise dishonorable conduct.

While impeachment should be undertaken only in extraordinary circumstances, the risk we face in an environment of extreme partisanship is not that Congress will employ it as a remedy too often but rather that Congress will employ it so rarely that it cannot deter misconduct.

Our system of checks and balances relies on each branch’s jealously guarding its powers and upholding its duties under our Constitution. When loyalty to a political party or to an individual trumps loyalty to the Constitution, the Rule of Law—the foundation of liberty—crumbles.

We’ve witnessed members of Congress from both parties shift their views 180 degrees—on the importance of character, on the principles of obstruction of justice—depending on whether they’re discussing Bill Clinton or Donald Trump.

Few members of Congress even read Mueller’s report; their minds were made up based on partisan affiliation—and it showed, with representatives and senators from both parties issuing definitive statements on the 448-page report’s conclusions within just hours of its release.

America’s institutions depend on officials to uphold both the rules and spirit of our constitutional system even when to do so is personally inconvenient or yields a politically unfavorable outcome. Our Constitution is brilliant and awesome; it deserves a government to match it.
Looks like Rep Amash must have read the Mueller Report.

Christian Vanderbrouk @UrbanAchievr

“no one outside the beltway cares about Justin Amash” is definitely a thing you could tell yourself to feel better
4:25 PM - 18 May 2019
I try ....  :laugh:
admittedly there's a lot to try and forget, and yet...................still better than Obama
Soft Cell
“Tainted Love”

Hi @Sighlass

Golf??? GOLF!
Hmm...... so smacking a small sphere w/a piece
of iron now requires another major investigation.
Obviously time well spent.
Lord spare us!!!!!
Well yeah, but at least this time the USGA is looking into who posted scores meant to embarrass Trump on a USGA run handicap ya gotta admit that's a change
Lizard Neck returns?
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