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Bernie won Nevada because the Casinos and related businesses are the prime employers in the state,and they are all populated by union workers who are mostly illegal aliens and aliens who are here legally and working as cooks,dishwashers,maids,janitors,etc,etc,etc.
@Smokin Joe

BINGO! I will never understand why so many people have so much trouble understanding this. Angry people make misakes.

Trump may have turned off a few would be allies but he has made the entire rat party a laughingstock to everyone but the leftist dead enders.

If we're losing reliably Pubbie voters like Eastwood on account of Trump's childish name-calling, that's not good.


HorseHillary! We never had them to start with if they are that stupid.
Screams the woman who votes with Democrats on 110% of all cases she reviews.
Actually, Trump's demeanor does more than that, it angers them. Angry people do stupid things.

@Smokin Joe

BINGO! I will never understand why so many people have so much trouble understanding this. Angry people make misakes.
So, maybe academics are not the best choice for a judgeship?

I am coming around to seeing that the nomination of "Da Burn" as the Dim nominee might end up being the best thing that has happened to this country politically since the elections of Reagan,and then Trump because it will expose the hypocrisy of the Dim leadership in ways that can't be  hidden.

It will also pretty much guarantee that Trump gets re-elected.

Another plus of Bernie being the nominee is his plans will face more scrutiny amongst the public at large
Sotomayor is by far the worst Justice on the Court.


That's the sort of thing you have to expect when you start making AA appointments.
Joel B. Pollak 23 Feb 2020

The Democratic Party has no answer for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Sanders, who won the Nevada caucuses decisively on Saturday evening, also took the overall delegate lead.

And after sweeping Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada — the first time anyone has won the popular vote in the first three primary contests — Sanders is in the pole position in the race for the party’s presidential nomination.

It is a prospect that has rattled fellow candidates, as well as the party establishment.

The Atlantic declared:

Efforts to stop [Sanders] so far have been ineffective and made the party seem out of touch. This summer, party leaders may be forced to accept the nomination of a man who’s not officially a member of the party, who won’t have won a majority of primary voters, and whose agenda is popular with his progressive base but doesn’t have as much support with Democrats as a whole.

Hopefully the tumor is isolated and not spread. I'd wish painful cancer on a Stalin; certainly not on someone I probably differ from politically. I pray he does well and spends a little extra time with his family while recuperating.
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