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Well this story just took an interesting twist:

Source: Alexander Vindman’s Brother, Yevgeny, Clears Publications by NSC Officials
Impeachment 45 / Re: Live Thread: Impeachment Trial Day 6
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CBS Evening News
Former WH chief of staff @Reince
's defense of @POTUS
: "Do you remove a president 9 months before an election over an unconsummated act at worse? The money was released, the meeting took you kick out a president and remove him from the 2020 ballot over this?"
Booyah! Was not expecting this to break our way.
Trump’s Wildwood rally wouldn’t have happened without this guy’s vote on impeachment
By Jonathan D. Salant | NJ Advance Media for

WASHINGTON — There’s little doubt President Donald Trump will talk about impeachment at Tuesday night’s Wildwood rally as his lawyers are in Washington telling the Senate why he shouldn’t be removed from office.

In fact, there would be no Wildwood rally at all without impeachment — and a stunning move by a New Jersey congressman.

Joining Trump on board Air Force One will be New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who famously refused to vote for impeachment as a Democrat and then switched parties and declared his “undying support" for the president.

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Lawrence Hurley
Chief Justice John Roberts, currently presiding over Trump's impeachment trial, was among the five justices who voted in favor of the Trump administration in allow the immigration restriction to go into effect
It's called an E-11A Battlefield Airborne Communications Node

A Military version of the Bombardier Global Express business jet.

We have three of them.  Helps us keep units in real time communication despite the terrain in that part of the country.
Impeachment Trial: The Democrat-Media Leak Playbook Exposed

Posted at 3:00 pm on January 27, 2020 by Stu Cvrk

Leak, allege, spin, repeat. Milk every false allegation for maximum political benefit, then discard after it is disproven. The Democrats and their operatives in the legacy media and Deep State use this tactic all the time, especially in matters that they consider to be of prime political importance to them. That tactic is in play in spades during the Senate impeachment trial, as we shall see. But first, a little background.

Remember the Kavanaugh hearings? Nearly every day there was a salacious allegation lodged against Judge Kavanaugh. They dribbled out one after the other, especially as it became clear that Christine Blasey-Ford’s claims of “sexual harassment” by the judge could not be proved or even confirmed by contemporary witnesses at the time of the alleged actions by Kavanaugh. Besides Blasey-Ford’s unsubstantiated claims, here are a few of the other allegations that did not pan out for the Democrats, all of which were from the 1980s:

    Kavanaugh exposed himself to Deborah Ramirez, a classmate at Yale
    Kavanaugh’s Yale classmate Max Stier witnessed acts of sexual harassment
    Julie Swetnick’s allegations of Kavanaugh and friend Mark Judge getting girls drunk so that they could be gang-raped [Note: her attorney was Michael Avenatti!]
    The fabricated Judy Munro-Leighton letter containing a rape allegation – which she later admitted was a fake and intended to “garner attention” (she was referred to DoJ for prosecution, but at the time, it served the purpose of advancing the false narrative against Kavanaugh)

Pookie's Toons / Re: Today's Toons 1/27/20
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G'day, Pookie!!

G'day, Ricebug!
Impeachment 45 / Re: Live Thread: Impeachment Trial Day 6
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Impeachment Trial: The Democrat-Media Leak Playbook Exposed
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