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Editorial/Opinion / Bracing for a ‘DARK WINTER’
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Bracing for a ‘DARK WINTER’

    Are globalists using Covid as cover for their real post-election plans?
    Should we expect the left to unleash a bloody cleansing of its political opponents?

October 23, 2020

After his stumbling performance in Thursday night’s debate, and the way in which his campaign seems to be hiding him from public view, it’s hard to imagine how Joe Biden wins the presidency on Nov. 3.

If Biden was seriously trying to win, he would be out on the campaign trail like President Trump, not in his basement.
‘Buyer’s remorse’ in play after ‘can you change your vote’ surges in searched terms

A wave of voters searched ‘can you change your vote’ following the final presidential debate marking the most times its been searched this election campaign, according to Sky News contributor Lauren Southern.

The election campaign is hitting its final stretch with less than ten days remaining in the battle for the presidency.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden still has a significant lead in all national polls and in many key state-wide polls, but the President’s campaign has kicked into gear since recovering from COVID-19.

President Donald Trump was considered to have performed much better than in the first debate, showing more restraint than in his previous encounter with Mr Biden.

Ms Southern said Pennsylvania - which polls show will go down to the wire - was "one of the top places" where the search term 'can you change your vote' was used.

Sky News host Rowan Dean said given many states in the US have begun pre-polling, it looks like Biden voters are getting “buyer’s remorse” after witnessing the debate.

Music Threads / Re: Share What you are listening to NOW? Thread Deux
« Last post by PeteS in CA on Today at 09:42:38 AM »
Full album "Come and Join Us", first song "God Gave Rock and Roll to You" - (Original and Unimproved) Petra, 1977

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After a day of 1980s and 1990s CCM on Pandora's "Larry Norman" channel (80s/90s material on a channel supposedly for the music of an artist who was most active in the late 60s and the 70s!), I had to get some of the real thing!

@mountaineer, I heard Keaggy in concert with 2nd Chapter, ca. 1979 or 1980. I also heard him again some time in the mid or late 90s, solo and all acoustic.
Adriana Cohen: Censorship of conservatives proves Twitter & Facebook are enemies of free speech, free press
Twitter is not keeping 'all voices on the platform' — far from it
By Adriana Cohen | Creators Syndicate

Big Tech titans Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg better lawyer up.

These enemies of free speech and a free press will be hauled in to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee to explain their brazen censorship of conservatives. The ever-growing list of those censored includes the president of the United States, his White House press secretary and the New York Post, whose account was locked for posting a credible story about Joe Biden and his son during an election.

In light of Twitter's unprecedented and willful censorship, Jack Dorsey could also be facing charges for lying to Congress in 2018.
'You ain't all that tough': Obama mocks Trump over 60 Minutes interview
by Spencer Neale, Breaking News Reporter |
 | October 24, 2020 05:15 PM

Former President Barack Obama mocked President Trump's performance during an interview on an upcoming episode of 60 Minutes.

Speaking during a campaign rally supporting Democratic nominee Joe Biden in South Florida on Saturday, Obama jabbed Trump over the interview with host Lesley Stahl, footage of which Trump preemptively shared this week after accusing the reporter and the network of unfairly attacking him throughout the meeting.

"When 60 Minutes and Lesley Stahl are too tough for you, you ain't all that tough," Obama said. "If you got to walk out of a 60 Minutes interview, then you're never going to stand up to a dictator," added Obama as a flurry of cars honked at the socially distanced event.

more w/video
BREAKING: Military to Stand Down to Leftist Terrorists After the Election
October 24, 2020

(Big League Politics) – An organization of attorneys, calling themselves The Orders Project, is effectively encouraging military personnel to refuse orders to keep peace in the streets following the election if left-wing ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter terrorists lay waste to cities.

Washington D.C. National Guard Major Adam DeMarco, a Democrat operative who ran unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate in Maryland in 2018, is exploiting his military bona fides to push his left-wing partisan agenda against President Trump with the help of the fake news media. He is complaining that the National Guard did too much to prevent rioting terrorists from spreading their orgy of destruction following the death of crackhead serial felon George Floyd in Minneapolis.

“In the days following June 1, I struggled to process what had taken place, to the point where I was sleeping very little,” said DeMarco. “I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t know what.”

BOMBSHELL: Joe Biden-Linked Firm Made Major Investments in Chinese Corporations

(Breitbart) – Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son-in-law’s investment firm has made investments in Chinese corporations over the last few years.

Biden’s daughter, Ashley, married Philadelphia head and neck doctor Howard Krein in 2012. Krein, who is currently advising Biden for his campaign, remains chief medical officer at the firm StartUp Health, which has tied itself in partnerships with Chinese corporations through the years.

StartUp Health boosted two major China-based corporations in 2018 and most recently praised China’s response to the Chinese coronavirus crisis.
If Hunter was Barron's age, then it is hands off.

However, if somone who is 50 years old and making deals with the Government that is like the CCP than can influence public policy in this country.
 The Biden Emails Prove Impeachment Was A Sham
The New York Post story shows once and for all that Trump's impeachment was all based on a lie.
October 17, 2020 By David Marcus

Remember January? I know it feels like several lifetimes ago, the before times of life as we used to know it. But think back to the biggest story of those chilly days. It wasn’t the Chinese virus slowly spreading to our shores or the Democratic presidential primary. No, it was the impeachment of the president of the United States. This week’s bombshell New York Post story on Hunter Biden now shows what many of us suspected: The impeachment was a ridiculous sham.

The basis for the impeachment, for those whose recollections are understandably shaky, was that President Trump pressured the president of Ukraine to launch investigations into the energy company Burisma for the purely political purpose of hurting Joe Biden. Central to that allegation was the argument that Trump and the United States had no legitimate interest in seeing Burisma investigated. If the trove of emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop are accurate, and they have not been disputed, then this argument falls to pieces.

Seattle Officers Refuse to Retire from PD Quietly

Seattle has had a rough go of it for 2020, and that’s not even taking into consideration the pandemic. Liberals have overtaken the city. First, they had to deal with CHAZ, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. Now, they’re dealing with radical leftist leaders who want to allow the criminals to rule while punishing the law-abiding citizens.

Seattle officers are done with it all – and many are retiring years before anticipated just to distance themselves from the stupidity.

While they could turn in their paperwork and go silently, they’re standing up to their oppressors. They’re being bold and honest in their exit interviews to ensure the public understands what’s being done behind the closed doors of the city council.
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