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So I guess the lesson here is that you're not supposed to criticize politicians because it may not be good for their health.  Doesn't seem to be a principle Democrats want to apply to Republican politicians, though....
2 now Meghan Malarkey has invaded TRB, as if enough wasn't already present.
The British Monarchy mattered when Britain had an Empire as its unifying symbol; but it
was destroyed in the mud of Flanders in 1916; rendering Monarchy an anachronism.
Currently it functions as little more than a useful tool for the media to gin up notoriety.
A query?
How many are aware that the House of Windsor originated through the House of
Saxe-Coburg, Germany and that prior to the Great War, George V of Britain,
Wilhelm II, Kaiser of Germany and Nicholas II, Czar of Russia were First Cousins!
Trump's response to the Senate's summons has two foci, the illegitimacy of the House's kangaroo court; facts that disprove the House's articles. Guilty people try to avoid, not focus on facts.
BS. When the truth hurts ... maybe he should have worked for the people of Baltimore rather than for his own power.
This is where the Democrats are in terms of judicial process.
If you do not 'prove' that you are innocent, then you must be guilty.
If you 'act' guilty, according to the prosecutor's personal opinion, then you must be guilty.
The Democrats are willfully flushing hundreds of years of jurisprudence, from Europe to America, down the toilet.
The Democrats really are in a very real way bringing back the inquisition.
Pelosi said, 'It is not the crime that matters; it is the allegations that count'. <-this is a quote straight out of the 13th century, or the Soviet Union.
So PR found its scapegoat.  Congratulations.  That fish was thoroughly rotten, and as usual, it started at the head.

The current governor has been in office only since 8/2/2019, the result of the previous governor resigning. She is not the person the former governor wanted to succeed him. So who knows, maybe she'll bring some improvement. She seems to have canned some fairly high level bureaucrats.
PJ Comix / VIDEO: What Happened to the Trump Inauguration Screamer?
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Hardly a week goes by without seeing her face. The Trump Inauguration Screamer. But what do we know about her. I did some research and found out that her name is Jessica Starr but since the inauguration, despite being the most famous face of that event other than Trump himself, she seems to have disappeared from the face of the planet.

Hopefully the Inauguration Screamer will make an encore performance next year at the second Trump Inauguration. However, I recommend she bring a tip jar with her so she can at least make a few bucks off her fame. She has certainly earned it.

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Trump acted the way presidents should act when congress threatens to usurp executive authority.

But that sails right over the heads of the ignorant half of the country.
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