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@txradioguy  I hope this doesn't mess up your plans.....
Editorial/Opinion / Re: We've been had, and Trump knows it
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We cannot turn back the clock on this, nor can we ignore the thousands that are dying in NY and other states and the lives that they are trying to save.  We also do not know how many this will infect and kill and we are just seeing the beginning. 

What we do know is that the U.S. has surpassed the number of cases in China and they have a much, much larger population than we.  That to me is concerning.

Closing down our borders and banning travel from various parts of the world was a wise decision.  Our governor in FL is putting up checkpoints to stop the influx of people coming from NY and LA and rightfully so.  Containment is necessary.
Abbott Launches 5-Minute Virus Test for Use Almost Anywhere
By Michelle Fay Cortez
March 27, 2020, 6:21 PM CDT Updated on March 28, 2020, 7:28 AM CDT

Abbott Laboratories is unveiling a coronavirus test that can tell if someone is infected in as little as five minutes, and is so small and portable it can be used in almost any health-care setting.

The medical-device maker plans to supply 50,000 tests a day starting April 1, said John Frels, vice president of research and development at Abbott Diagnostics. The molecular test looks for fragments of the coronavirus genome, which can quickly be detected when present at high levels. A thorough search to definitively rule out an infection can take up to 13 minutes, he said.

Abbott has received emergency use authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration “for use by authorized laboratories and patient care settings,” the company said on Friday.

The U.S. has struggled to supply enough tests to detect the virus, even as the outbreak threatens to overwhelm hospitals in New York, California, Washington and other regions. After initially restricting testing to high-risk people, and problems with a test designed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. regulators have rushed out diagnostics made by the world’s leading commercial-testing companies.

Editorial/Opinion / Perspective on corona panic
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March 28, 2020
Perspective on corona panic
By Robert T. Smith

Nobody is saying the Wuhan flu should not be taken seriously, but some sense of perspective is needed.

For the 2017–2018 flu season, an estimated 80,000 Americans died of flu and its complications, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CNN, September 27, 2018).  This was a bad recent flu season that was even mitigated to some extent by the flu vaccine.

All age groups across the entire country died, from infants to the aged.   The daily body count was not breathlessly reported or graphically depicted on the media 24/7, and nobody fought over toilet paper or the last package of ground beef in the local Walmart.  Were these people's lives not as significant as those who are now expiring due to the Wuhan flu?  Did their families not feel the same grief as they buried their children, sisters, mothers, grandparents?

Based on information from China, the death rate by age group for the Wuhan flu is as follows (Business Insider, February 27, 2020):

    Less than 0.5% up to the age of 49,
    1.3% for those in their 50s,
    3.6% for those in their 60s,
    8% for those in their 70s, and
    14.8% for those 80 and up.

The worst poison pill in the bill and she got it passed.  Thanks, RINOs.

Trump Invokes Defense Production Act to Force GM to Make Ventilators
27 Mar 2020
Agence France Presse

President Donald Trump issued a federal order Friday to force auto giant General Motors to manufacture ventilators, as supplies of the crucial hospital equipment grow short and coronavirus infections mount across the country.

Trump invoked the rarely-used Defense Production Act to order GM to speed up its commitment to make ventilators in one of its auto plants after delays in negotiations.

The act, designed for use in wartime to commandeer private business to manufacture for defense needs, will allow the White House to require GM "accept, perform, and prioritize Federal contracts for ventilators," Trump said in a statement.
Let's face it, plenty of people have been touched by him inappropriately. 

Joe was able to do something very important for Hillary Clinton, he took out Sanders.  Now, his abusive behavior is coming home to haunt him, and rest assured, he will not have the magic number of delegates to win on the first round.  Clinton's name will get injected in round 2, and by about the 6th round of voting, it will be close to unanimous for Clinton with the exception of a handful of diehard Sanders supporters.

It will be:


....and she will give him a serious run.  It will be the Thriller from Manila all over again.
No and hell no!!!  They shouldn't be here in the first place and most have already likely received benefits of entitlement without being entitled!!! 9999hair out0000
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