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No doubt he was a faker, a duper, and took dives.  Backfired this time, busting his head wide open, and being in critical condition though.  Unless he is the ultimare dumbass martyr.

He was never in critical condition.  The hospital said he was in serious, but stable condition. Alert and responsive.  I saw a picture of him sitting in a hospital bed talking on his phone.
Antifa has a well insulated recruiting and training operation, with power point presentations and how to’s on achieving maximum crowd mayhem and maximum bodily injury, including eye gouging and head stomping. They’re employing sophisticated coordinated gorilla tactics and disinformation. The international Left is here and they’re playing the George Floyd crowd for all it’s worth.

That’s why in today’s environment I believe nothing until I’m satisfied I’m not being played.

You might say after Russiagate I soured on state news. Didn’t take long, either. Every slimy news “report” attacked Trump. All a coordinated effort to misrepresent (lie) about who Trump is and what he’s done. You’d think people would learn a thing or two after 5 years and about a million pseudo stories and phony polls. Distrust everything.

By the way, it might be time to take stock on how you plan to factor into this little drama the media is spinning around you and act accordingly..
I have been leery of the media since I noticed they were suddenly using the same new buzzwords and phrases in the same news cycle on four networks. Not coincidence, but coordination.
I have been aware of professional Leftist agitators since the '60s. They have only become more savvy. And now, that they and the Media work in concert is virtually a given.
So, if one gets hurt, I only hope they do a good job of it, and others don't get gigged for it.

And there are sooooooooooo many strange things about the individuals involved, relationships . . . poster of killed bloke many weeks before from O'Bummer's org . . . money laundering org they both worked at . . . etc. etc. etc.
Correct. There are layers to this we will never see, because they are buried in the ashes of a dozen cities, and the manure of as many media outlets.
Well Generals, I accept your resignations.

Good luck to you.
:yowsa: THIS ^^^^^
I've been seeing articles like this all week since Mr. Floyd's death.  I have no idea what "white privilege" is.  No one handed me anything simply because I was white.  I stayed in school and graduated.  Then I went to work.  Whatever I do have, I worked for. 

Same with my parents before me.  Both of them grew up during the Great Depression.  But even during the 1950s there were hard times.  Dad worked for the railroad and when business was slow, he was laid off.  Once he was off work for almost a year.  Did Dad sit on his butt and collect a check?  No.  He pounded the pavement and worked any job he could find till the railroad called him back.  He washed dishes.  He helped deliver packages for the post office at Christmas time.  He worked for any employer  willing to hire him. 

And my brother and I were taught to do the same.  We don't take charity.  We don't take public assistance.  My brother was fortunate; he was able to stay at the same company all his working life.  I wasn't so lucky.  I worked for lawyers and often law firms would split up or they would be acquired by larger firms which decided they didn't need the support staff from their newest acquisition.  When I lost a job, I didn't stay home, cry the blues and collect a check.  I went out and worked whatever job I could find. 

Today, except for illness or some other calamity that legitimately prevents a person from working, there is no excuse for any African-American or anyone else to live in poverty.  There is a helluva lot less discrimination now than there was when I was a kid.  In fact, these days employers are so committed to diversity, they give preference to hiring people of color.  So if a black person doesn't have a job and lives in poverty, it isn't because of "white privilege" or discrimination.  It's because he or she is either too stupid or too lazy to take advantage of the opportunities out there. 

So no I won't be apologizing for my "white privilege" or for anything else.  I refuse to feel guilty because I am white.   I refuse to apologize for what I have because I worked hard for it.  Nothing was just handed to me.  These people who want me to get on my knees and beg forgiveness because I'm white can kiss my fat fanny.
Editorial/Opinion / Re: Trump is playing with fire rather than leading
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CD is apparently too young, or too stupid, or realize Reagan was elected CA Governor in 1966, and Nixon elected President in 1968 and in 1972 during riots, civil disorder.
The Law & Order both brought to office, worked, was conservativet then and now.
To say the opposite, was not conservative then and now.
Trump hate is stupid. Opposing order is stupid, and not conservative.
Is Trump hate also Chinese trolling, Antifa trolling, democrat trolling or disruption?
Given your posts, suggest you abstain from calling anyone else stupid!!!!!!!!!!
If you had the foggiest notion of what you're blathering on about, you would grasp
that principled conservatism has absolutely nothing to do w/politics, economics or religion.
From Plato to Burke and Kirk, it's simply precepts of behavior and sentiment, derived from the
Natural Law allowing Mankind and Society to survive and thrive.
In the Floyd thing, and still not getting the press it should: of the 4 cops involved, one white, one hispanic, one black, and one oriental.

But: white racism?


And there are sooooooooooo many strange things about the individuals involved, relationships . . . poster of killed bloke many weeks before from O'Bummer's org . . . money laundering org they both worked at . . . etc. etc. etc.
This goes beyond just the U.S.  It is the one-world government globalists vs the sovereign nationalists.  They will do anything to prevent the spread of nationalism as other nations wake up to the success of America First and seek the same result for their country.  Destroying Trump to prevent re-election is the focus for now.  The globalists will likely engineer a mass attack on the White House that would trigger a defensive reaction and allow the media to use the bodies of dead protester/invaders to destroy Trump's re-election chances.  Sacrificing a few useful idiots to achieve this end would be chump-change in their minds.



Privilege is a code word for superiority.
They want White people to 'apologize' because we speak normal English instead of pidgin English.
They want White people to 'apologize' because we do math and understand basic economics.
They want White people to 'apologize' because we do not have a criminal record at age 16.
They want White people to 'apologize' because we show up to work on time and sober.

No thanks. I'll pass on any apology. And I will continue to succeed in America along with all my educated Black, Hispanic, and Asian brothers in arms. We are all successful and proud of it. No apology is coming from any of us. It is not our fault that so many Blacks are LOSERS! And apologizing for being successful will not change anything for anybody. You are who you are. You make your own 'luck'.
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