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Beer supply threatened by future weather extremes

Good ...

Maybe Kavanaugh will get madder, and make the liberals pay.........
I saw several clips of this and it showed the police standing and watching the events unfold.

That is just so hard to fathom. Why are they doing that? Do they not realize which group supports the police?

Taxing carbon may sound like a good idea, but does it work?
October 15, 2018 by Paul Griffin, The Conversation
Exxon Mobil is backing a proposal to tax oil, gas and coal companies for the carbon they emit and redistribute the money raised that way to all Americans. It's also giving a group urging Washington to enact a tax on carbon US$1 million to advocate for this policy.

The carbon dividends plan, named after the former U.S. officials who conceived it – James Baker and George Shultz – reflects the research of Yale economist William Nordhaus, one of the two winners of the 2018 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

Based on my research regarding how stock prices and greenhouse gas emissions are connected, I find it very encouraging to see an economist become a Nobel laureate for his climate change work. Even so, I am skeptical of the Baker-Shultz proposal.
MIT unveils new $1 bn college for artificial intelligence
October 15, 2018

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced plans Monday to create a new college of artificial intelligence with an initial $1 billion commitment for the program focusing on "responsible and ethical" uses of the technology.

The prestigious university said it would add 50 new faculty members and create an interdisciplinary hub for work in computer science, AI, data science, and related fields.

A large part of the new funds will come from a gift from Stephen Schwarzman, chairman and co-founder of the financial giant Blackstone, after whom the new college will be named.

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Everyone bent out of shape that Sears died will be really depressed when Walmart meets the same fate in a couple years. They are all over the place with strategy, opened up too many stores to attempt to boost growth estimates and are run by morons. They are set up for the same failure the way they are going.
NOW is the time to panic, and I don't even drink!! :silly:  This may be lamest excuse for global warming yet.
 Jet Stream 'Getting Loopier and Wavier,' ....

"....and Leon's getting laaaaarger!"
Beer supply threatened by future weather extremes
October 15, 2018, University of East Anglia
Severe climate events could cause shortages in the global beer supply, according to new research involving the University of East Anglia (UEA).

The study warns that increasingly widespread and severe drought and heat may cause substantial decreases in barley yields worldwide, affecting the supply used to make beer, and ultimately resulting in "dramatic" falls in beer consumption and rises in beer prices.

Beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in the world by volume consumed. Although the frequency and severity of drought and heat extremes increase substantially in a range of future climate scenarios, the vulnerability of beer supply to such extremes has never been assessed.

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As for the thread topic,  I hope a strong GOP challenger emerges for Trump in 2020.    His populism based on stoking fears of immigrants is not my cup of tea,  and difficult to reconcile with the movement conservatism I (and Jeff Flake) grew up in.      I concede that Trumpism is a major force in the modern conservative coalition, but as the face of the party Trump remains cringeworthy. 

I want an alternative.
Do yourself a favor, and listen to some of Victor Davis Hanson's lectures.

He knows the immigrant topic, inside and out. stoking concerns, not fears
Pro-Life Students Attacked at Ryerson University in Latest Assault on Free Speech

We have been following the increasing violence seen on college campuses, particularly directed against conservative and pro-life speakers.  The latest incident occurred at Ryerson University in Ontario  where a video captured Ryerson Student Gabriela “Gabby” Skwarko attacking two members of Toronto Against Abortion (TAA).  Skwarko works for the school’s Office of Social Innovation. The video below shows a violent and unprovoked attack to stop an act of free speech on campus.
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