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Title: Let's Hear it for the "V"
Post by: catfish1957 on August 11, 2020, 10:06:07 AM
Despite faminemania being concocted by the Democratic Party.  The truth is 90% of the news of late around the pandmemic has been positive.  I will not lie.  What happened in March scared the hell out of me.  I could have envisioned a '29- '39 scenario, and even worse.  Yes, we still have to somehow come to our senses, as far as reducing the national debt, but at least on the short term, what we have seen in the past 5 months has been nothing short of remarkable.  This has all the hallmarks of the greatest "V" shaped recovery in economic history.

To kind of put it into perspective....   Here is a comparison of markets at the 3rd week of March vs. today.   happy77

                   March.         Today.         Increase/Decrease

S & P-      2192              3374.           +53%
DJIA-       18213.           28112.          +54%
NASDAQ.  6631.           10930            +65%
Gold. (oz.) 1478            1988.            +35%
Oil bbl       21.54.           42.70.          +98%
VIX.            65                 21.             -67%

Now the down side.  I see absolutely nothing decent to invest in.  If I had been 20 years younger, I'd gone all in late in March.  In retirement?  No way.  One of my kids did go all in, and he has let all of us know it. (often)  :cool:
Title: Re: Let's Hear it for the "V"
Post by: jmyrlefuller on August 12, 2020, 12:37:00 PM
This all comes in the face of continued and active efforts to suppress said economy in the alleged disguise of pandemic control.
Title: Re: Let's Hear it for the "V"
Post by: Applewood on August 12, 2020, 05:20:42 PM
I'm just happy that when the Dow drops now, it's not a thousand points a day.
Title: Re: Let's Hear it for the "V"
Post by: LegalAmerican on August 12, 2020, 07:24:40 PM
Found this on this channel.  August 7th, 2020
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I believe the reason why Trump has to go into my hiding is because he is going to announce NESARA/GESARA. Look it up. It means a great deal of money will be doled out to everyone, income tax eliminated, and many other great things. That would make many billionaires angry.  When they are arrested, their assets will be frozen and when their tribunal proves they are guilty, that money will be distributed to us.  There is also the money from everyone’s Strawman accounts that are in the millions for each person!
Then, there are the arrests!