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Title: Covert Recordings Of Tesla's New Model 3 Facility Reveal Something Unexpected
Post by: Frank Cannon on June 20, 2018, 02:01:05 AM (

And so, as the back and forth between Trump and his skeptics and critics continues, earlier today covert videos showing the inside of the Model 3 production "tent", which houses the latest assembly line was leaked. What it reveals is concerning... because it reveals nothing at all: an assembly line with a handful of cars on it, with virtually no production, with no engaged workers and worst of all, no movement or purpose at all. Almost as if the whole facility is one elaborate stage prop to give the impression of work, as the actual workers just sit around and do nothing.

One look at the below video, and one wonders just how many Model 3 is Tesla really producing at this moment?

Hysterical videos of the Musk Fraud at the link.