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Title: Gun stores closing due to lack of ammunition to sell
Post by: ABX on August 15, 2013, 08:07:45 PM
For months, many Tennessee gun owners have had a hard time finding ammunition for their weapons. Now, some gun stores say a nationwide ammo shortage is pushing them out of business.

Just a few months ago, Bellevue's Guns and Ammo Depot couldn't keep bullets on its shelves because it simply couldn't get enough supply to sell.

Now, the store is closed, and the sign on the front of the building is gone. Former owner Glen King said he went out of business because of the ammunition shortage.

"It was costing us more to stay open than what it was for us to, you know - we couldn't make any money at all," King said.

The shipments are pouring in at Brentwood's Everything Weapons, where bullets are plentiful, but owner David Cooper admits he's the rare exception.

"People come here from other states, and they buy everything they can, because there's nothing in their states," Cooper said.

And the pinch isn't limited to the mom-and-pop stores.

"The big box stores limit to one or two boxes. Walmart will get in some ammunition and it gets bought up right away," Cooper said.