Author Topic: Oh My: Romney Leads 52/46 Among Early Voters Nationally?  (Read 1624 times)

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Oh My: Romney Leads 52/46 Among Early Voters Nationally?
« on: October 29, 2012, 11:31:34 PM »
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Re: Oh My: Romney Leads 52/46 Among Early Voters Nationally?
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2012, 11:39:31 PM »
This  thread is posted over at DU and it is a hoot! I guy was about to commit suicide until the other idiots chimed in and told him Gallop and Ras were all lies
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6. Let me set your mind at ease...

Rasmussen is a Republican hack, and has a built in 2-5 point Republican bias because of the content of their sample. They deliberately rig the sample composition to favor Rightists.

#2, Drudge is celebrating an alleged Romney advantage in overall early voting, which, even if it's true, only indicates that the sample of early voters is comprised of mostly those in Red States. What really matters is how early voting is breaking in swing states, which, according to reputable pollsters, is going HEAVILY in Obama's favor.

So chillax!
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11. Rasmussen is run by...

A well known partisan conservative.

Here's a tip, look for Gallup and Rasmussen to level off and reflect the true reality 5-7 days before Election Day.

They play these propaganda games, but they can't play them too close to the election. Otherwise, they lose credibility.

Most national polls (which aren't as important as state polls) show a very tight race with several showing Obama ahead by 1-2. Romney has lost his 4-5 point advantage that he garnered with the first debate.

The state polls look very good for Obama, and these are the polls that count.
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