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The Alternate Media Universe
« on: May 10, 2012, 03:21:14 PM »
The Alternate Media Universe
May 10, 2012


RUSH: This is gonna be fun. This is the alternate universe. This is where this is the most momentous media appearance since Churchill, perhaps! Last night on CNN's Anderson Cooper 14, he spoke with Republican strategerist Alex Castellanos -- Republican strategerist, inside-the-Beltway Republican strategist -- and Cooper said, "How do you think Obama's announcement on gay marriage...? How think it plays out there, Alex?"

CASTELLANOS: There are some Reagan Democrats out there, some guys with names on their work shirts who, uh, are gonna think the president's culturally different from them. He's putting, uh, something on the line there for something he believes he's come to believe in, and that's important. More downside than upside politically for the president. You've gotta admire him for that.

RUSH: Why do we have to admire him? What...? Let me translate what Alex said here. When he says, "There's some Reagan Democrats, guys with names on their work shirts," these are union guys. They're blue-collar people with the name "Bud" over the left pocket, and they're not gonna dig this. Alex is saying these people, these real men of America ain't gonna dig this. But Obama, "He's putting, uh, something on the line there for something he believes he's come to believe in..."

So Alex buys this "evolution" garbage. Alex, says (translated): "Oh, man! He's finally come to believe it. You know what? We have to applaud Obama for doing something that's going to hurt him politically." All right. (clapping) I'm applauding Obama for doing something to hurt himself. (clapping) What a courageous act. (clapping) I told you I'm in a foul humor today. Let's applaud! What a courageous act. He only got... What did he get, a million dollars in the first 90 minutes? Let's go back to timeline. It's one of the reasons I'm cynical about this.

Look at the timeline here. We know the New York Times has been obsessed for years with promoting the gay agenda, particularly gay marriage. It's their number one cause, bar none. Gay rights, number one cause, New York Times. Nothing even close. Then out of the blue, a couple of weeks ago the New York Times' public editor warned Obama (and we told you about it when it happened) that they were going to take a hard look at him. The Times was gonna take a hard look at his record.

They ran a story saying, "Four years ago we didn't vet you. We're gonna vet you now." We laughed at it, we made fun of it here, but they still published it. They published a warning to Baraka Hussein Obama! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! that the Times was gonna take a hard look at his record. That's a couple of weeks ago. Then two days, a couple of days ago the Washington Post pointed out that 20%, one out of five of Obama's top bundlers are openly gay -- and that they are withholding donations because of Obama's stance on gay marriage.

So 20% of Obama's money was on the sidelines, 20% of the people raising money were on the sidelines just two or three days ago because of Obama's stance on gay marriage. The Washington Post also reported how one of these bundlers who is also the head of the most militant gay activist organization, the Human Rights Campaign, buttonholed Biden over his position on gay marriage. And it was that exact conversation that Biden had with the militant gay activist guy, one of Obama's bundlers...

It was that conversation that Biden later related to NBC when he said he was comfortable with same-sex marriage. New York Times story two weeks ago: We are going to vet you. Washington Post: 20% of Obama's bundlers are gay and they're withholding their money and they're not raising money. Biden ends up somewhere with one of those bundlers, who is a militant gay leftist activist, and he basically warns Biden that the community isn't happy. Biden goes on NBC and says, "You know, I'm happy, I'm comfortable now. I think there's no problem here."

But now, now we're being told that Biden forced Obama's hand. Everywhere you look today, that's the template. That's the lie. That's the spin. And they can get away with it because it is something that Biden would do. He's known as Mr. Gaffe. You remember Biden in St. Louis. There was an elected official, Chuck somebody. Chuck was in a wheelchair. Biden looks at him sitting and says, "Stand up, Chuck! Let's hear it for Chuck! Stand up. Oh, my God. God bless you, Chuck. Oh, yeah, what a great guy! Chuck can't stand. Let's everybody else stand up for Chuck."

So it's entirely understandable that Biden could go on Meet the Press and go rogue, and that's the story today. (But that's not what happened.) They say Biden goes rogue, and then the pressure is on and the media starts asking the spokeskid, "Well, what's Obama's position?" The spokeskid stumbles around and hems and haws and doesn't know what to say. And we're told that Obama's really, really struggling with this (psssht!) Obama's really, really been wrestling with this! Oh, he's just agonizing over this. What Biden did, the whole question!

Not agonizing over the loss of money, not agonizing over the fact the bundlers are sitting on it and not raising any money, not agonizing over the real issues. No. He is agonizing over a position on gay marriage. Oh, it's so stressful. It's all that's on his mind! It's the only thing he can think about. He's pressured. He knows he hasn't had enough guts up 'til now. He knows that he has to come to full evolution. That's the story that was put out. When in fact this whole thing is a script that was written a couple weeks ago that has been, I'd have to say, pretty much flawlessly executed.

Then Obama puts out this emergency call to ABC: "Send me your toughest journalist. Uh, no, no.  Send me Robin Roberts.  She's good friends with Michelle. They trade recipes. We can work with her."  And there's a story out there that actually says that.  They wanted Robin Roberts 'cause she's easy.  And, meanwhile, Robin Roberts is taking kudos, "What a get, babe, what a get."  They picked her because she's easy.  Can you imagine? Tom Brokaw, he wouldn't go.  His generation news guys, leftist though they might have been, if he found out that some president picked him because he was easy, he'd send somebody else. So woulda Jennings.  Even Dan Rather would have. Certainly Cronkite.  But now it's kudos.  What a get, Robin. I have to tell you, great, great, great performance, babe, oh-ho, you really hit a home run there.  Kudos all over the place.
(interruption)  Robin?  She should enjoy being a celebrity.  I mean if you can't take advantage of your friendship with the first family, what good's the job?

Anyway, so she goes up there and works hard. It takes all of five seconds to get that tough answer out of Obama, in which he doesn't say anything different, nothing new, and my God, folks, the orgasms that happened last night and today over nothing.


RUSH:  Now, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back, by the way, Rush Limbaugh here on the cutting edge, having more fun than human being should be allowed to have.

Don't misunderstand me.  I really like Robin Roberts.  I've known her for years.  She interviewed me way back in nineties.  She was still at ESPN, and she came into the city, interviewed me after my television show once.  And I remember she was genuinely -- I mean, she didn't really know who I was.  I mean she had the public image of conservative, so that meant to her racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe.  She had no idea my passion for and knowledge of sports, and she was pleasantly surprised.  And she's invited me to be on Good Morning America, Kit could tell you, H.R. could tell you, I don't know how many times in the last two years. I just don't accept any of the invitations.  But I've got nothing against her.

You know, I live in Realville, and we're in the middle of this giant spin thing, and there isn't any journalism anymore.  It's just a bunch of celebrities.  Some of them are on the top rung.  Some of them are on the next rung, and some of them are on the lower rung and they're all trying to get to the top rung of the celebrity ladder, not the journalism ladder.  Honestly, there are these additional reasons why they chose Robin Roberts.  Jake Tapper, ABC, not an enemy network, it's Robin Roberts' network.  Calls her "woman of the hour."  The Politico says a producer at ABC told them the White House went with Robin Roberts because of her personal rapport, their friendship, past interviews, but also her race and her age.

So I'm Robin Roberts and the president wants me 'cause I'm 51, I'm black, I'm friendly. Basically I'm being summoned to be a foil, to act like a journalist when really what shoulda been done is a press conference.  Why bring a journalist into this scam?  But she wanted to be part of it, and in her world, in the world of journalism in America today, this was a big coup to be picked by the White House because, what, you'll be easy?  You know, I'll tell you something else.  One of the strongest demographics opposing same-sex marriage is black women.  There's a bunch of strategery here in picking Robin Roberts.  Here, we could squeeze this in.  George Stephanopoulos says to her: "When the president speaks out for the first time like that, Robin, like he did with you, why, Robin, you were there, it's history."

ROBERTS:  And let me tell you, George, I'm getting chills again, because when you're sitting in that room and you hear him say those historic words, it was not lost on anyone that was in the room like that.

STEPHANOPOULOS:  And you didn't know going in.


STEPHANOPOULOS:  You knew he was gonna address this, but you didn't know exactly what he was gonna say?

ROBERTS:  You never know what --

RUSH:  Come on.

ROBERTS:  -- he's actually gonna say until you ask him.

RUSH:  Give us a break.  Didn't know why you were summoned?  This is why you guys are losing. You want us to believe you didn't know why you were summoned, what the subject was?  You didn't know he was going to say nothing new about gay marriage?


"It aint what you don't know that kills you.  It's what you know that aint so!" ...Theodore Sturgeon

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