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The Theocracy of Liberalism
« on: February 19, 2012, 01:37:55 PM »
The Theocracy of Liberalism
February 17, 2012


RUSH: Here is Larry in Johns Creek, Georgia.  Hi, Lar'.  Great to have you on Open Line Friday, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Rush, great to talk to you.  The weekend draws near, so I'll make it quick.  I think you may agree with me that the underlying theme with this birth control debate and Rick Santorum and the left and all this is that the left would have you believe that if the GOP gets into office or Rick Santorum specifically, we'd see a theocracy in America.

RUSH:  That's exactly what they want people to believe.

CALLER:  But if you go back a year, if you remember the Ground Zero mosque debate, the left was on the side of the theocracy.  And they were screaming about religious freedom.

RUSH:  Wait a minute.  What do you mean, the left was on the side of the theocracy?

CALLER:  The Muslim theocracy. The Muslims have vowed to have a theocracy, a caliphate, if not in America but globally, but certainly, you know, that's their push, they're a theocracy, you know, Iran is a theocracy --

RUSH:  Okay, look, I'm just gonna play devil's advocate.  It's true that the left was very supportive of the Ground Zero mosque, but that's not the same as your example of Santorum being elected president.

CALLER:  Well, no, they would scare you into believing that Rick Santorum is the forefront of a new theocracy, a Christian theocracy in America, but a year ago they were on the side of the Muslim theocracy crowing about religious freedom.  It's just breathtaking hypocrisy and I don't know why anybody on the right doesn't point it out.

RUSH:  Well, they're afraid to.  They're afraid to, it's fear.  Fear is the biggest paralysis going.  I don't know that there's a bigger theocracy than liberalism.  I don't know that there is a more demanding religion than liberalism.  Look at the sacrament: abortion.

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  Look at the sacrament to that religion, and it is a religion.  It demands total fealty.

CALLER:  So we are a theocracy with the left in charge.

RUSH:  In a manner of speaking.

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  In a manner of speaking, yeah.  'Cause it is liberalism.  I mean a liberal is a liberal first, and whatever else the liberal is second.

CALLER:  Why do they love this religion of not having babies?  I mean in order solve this real estate problem one of the things we have to do is create more people, don't we?

RUSH:  Yeah, that is ironic.  You need more taxpayers, you need more voters, you need more welfare recipients.  But on the other side of it, women's rights and the female vote and keep the feminazis happy.  Abortion is a huge thing.  It may be the biggest thing in liberalism.  It is insurance against anything else wrong with you. Like Reverend Wright.  He's perfectly acceptable, because he is pro-abortion.

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