Author Topic: Limbaugh: I Want To See The Tax Returns For Buffett's Secretary  (Read 930 times)

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Limbaugh: I Want To See The Tax Returns For Buffett's Secretary
« on: January 25, 2012, 05:17:02 PM »

Limbaugh: I Want To See The Tax Returns For Buffett's Secretary

Rush Limbaugh on Debbie Bosanek, secretary to billionaire investor Warren Buffet, attending the State of the Union as Michelle Obama's guest.

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Now, Romney, who's not even a millionaire, paid over $3.2 million to the IRS last year. How much did Warren Buffett's secretary pay? And why doesn't somebody demand...? If she's gonna be used this way, why doesn't somebody demand...? I'll demand it! I want to see her tax returns. What is her name, Bosanek, is that how you pronounce her name? It's B-o-s-a-n-e-k. Somebody has to have heard it pronounced, Bosanek, Bosanek, Bosanek? Whatever it is, where are her tax returns? She's up there in the House gallery! She is a campaign prop at the Class Warfare Rally. She's paying a higher tax rate than her boss, as though nobody can do anything about that.

What a scam this whole thing is, from the PR of the filthy rich pretending to be as far-left liberal as they are. And that's just to see to it that people like you don't clamor that they pay more. It's just sheer dishonesty. Cut to the chase: It's just sheer dishonesty. They come up and say, "Yeah, you know what I did? I called Buffett and then I called everybody and I said, 'When you die, everything you've got, you should give to Bill Gates!' Oh, man, are those now wonderful people. What wonderful people! See? These are rich people we can love! They're going to give all of their money to Bill Gates." Right. All the rest of us are told we should give it to government -- and when we oppose it, we're called greedy! So a little clue: If you ever become filthy rich or moderately rich, then publically go liberal! That's how you can keep everybody away from your money and that's the only thing they're doing.
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